Our phone number is: 480-331-9355
Please call us with any questions or email us at botanicaleducation@gmail.com

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas celebration with your families, and enjoy a break from the everyday rush! Our hearts are full of gratitude for the amazing people that we get to associate with through Botanical Education Foundation and Millenial Wellness! We have seen many miracles this year and our lives are better because of you!

Beginning January 1st we will be collecting food for ST. MARY'S and the FOOD BANK and are offering a $2 discount on all of our services (Nutrition Bio Scans, EVOX Emotional Balancing and Foot Detox Baths) up to 10 cans (or $20 dollars). That means you could get a free foot detox for a exchange of 10 cans of food donated.

Our new 2011 CLASS SCHEDULE will be posted next week, so please join us in Holistic Nutrition levels 1 and 2, The Biggest Loser Contest (goes along with Level 2 and focuses on vitality, healthy cooking and weight management with a prize), Blending Like an Egyptian (Passport to the World of Aromatherapy), and Passport to the World of Herbs (making herbal medicine at home, cancer remedies, memory and brain memories, energy balls, and more! We also will have some free classes and will hold healthy cooking and preparedness classes using Shelf Reliance freeze dried foods.

We are also wrapping up our Holiday Discount on services so the 31st will be the last day to purchase them.

Remember: Click on this link to find What food is most needed for the food drive. Help yourself this year and help others too! We are committed to health which starts with eating healthy!

Jacque Gurney, Jonique Beach & Brenda Flowers
Teachers- Jacque Gurney, Tiffany Higgins and Erlene Tilton

Your Wellness Team! Looking forward to a great 2011 ahead!
480-331-9355 Our classes will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and our office hours for services are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am - 4 pm.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

HOLISTIC NUTRITION CLASSES by Tiffany Higgins, HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING, and ESSENTIAL OILS Classes are Beginning Again in January 2011! Also Free Clas

Students who finished the Quantum Medicine Classes got to experience making Lavender Hydrosol and Rosemary Essential Oils, and taking home their own "home made" products. Education is Power! You can use your own kitchen equipment to make Healing Hydrosols from plants that you grow in your yard, or gather from the wild. Students who began the PASSPORT TO THE WORLD OF HERBAL MEDICINE made herbal medicine from Garlic - a Garlic Oxymel (delicious)for the Cold and Flu Season as well as general healing and heart health, a Hawthorn Berry and Rosehips Syrup for heart health, a Calming and Uplifting (or sleep) formula with fresh plant Chamomile, Lavender, California Poppy, Lemon Balm, Roses and Catnip. They also extracted a dried plant tincture that they will strain in the 3rd class coming up. AMERICAN HERBS was the first class, with CHINESE HERBS (Ginger, Turmeric, Astragalus, Licorice Root, Cinnamon, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Burdock, Maitake, and many more) being taught. You don't want to miss these classes!

Brenda Flowers, my assistant at Millenial Wellness, as well as a survivor of cancer who used nutrition, herbs, essential oils and positive thinking (quantum behaviors) taught our class on how to Balance Meridian Energy, preparing the body to better receive treatments and nutrition. Brenda is a huge blessing to me, as she helps clients get scheduled for NUTRITIONAL BIO SCANS, EVOX (Emotional Balancing) sessions, DETOX FOOT BATHS, ordering products and getting classes organized. I know that it isn't coincidence that Brenda works with me - and I'm grateful for her!

Amy Lindquist, owner of Scentsational Health and Wellness, helped to teach ACCUAROMATIC TOUCH, an essential oils assessment and treatment program that uses the Chinese Meridians. Amy has taught Aromatherapy classes for several years, and has worked with people in her clinic, specializing in overcoming Addictions. Thank you, Amy, for your great class! Amy is also a cancer survivor (2 times) using holistic (whole food, whole and natural therapies). Her example and love are an inspiration!

Tiffany Higgins, the perfect example of how to buy healthy, cook healthy, and live healthy, has been doing a spectacular job at teaching the HOLISTIC NUTRITION LEVEL 1 Classes - - and all who have attended have commented on how much they have learned! One of the favorite weeks people talked about was the Healthy No-Sugar Fudge, the No-Sugar Almond cookies, and the other ideas for creating healthy treats along with why not to feed your family sugar. An upcoming class on Children's Health, preparing for Pregnancy Nutritionally and how to create and raise a healthy family (from prenancy and beyond) will be held in January. Anyone is invited, even if you have not attended prior classes. This course will be repeated again, beginning in February, and can be taken as individual classes, or as part of Certification. If you are concerned about your family's health, but do not have the discipline or knowledge to change the course you are on, this class is for you!

Tiffany is preparing the HOLISTIC NUTRITION LEVEL 3 Course, and also, look for an upcoming notice of our BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST AND COOKING CLASS - WITH FITNESS AND VITALITY as your goal - a series taught by Erlene Tilton. I will introduce her next week (she is amazing!) As 2010 comes to an end, I want to thank all of the BEAUTIFUL people in my life that make life so bounteous! Each of your brings a vibrant hue to my life, with your love, examples, lessons, kindness, hope and faith. I also express deep love to our Savior, Jesus Christ, who provides all healing - whether it comes through food, plants (herbs, essential oils), prayer, priesthood, or miracles - He is the provider and the Healer! It's a privilege to know Him and His goodness!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


LEVEL ONE - INTRODUCTION TO HOLISTIC NUTRITION classes begin Wednesday, October 20 from 7-9 pm with an amazing instructor, TIFFANY HIGGINS! Call and register today! 480-331-9355 or 480-296-4699. Each class is $25 and includes the class manual, power point instruction, and any samples. This is the first of 4 series towards a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition. Whether you want to teach, work professionally, create your own business or use this knowledge to bless your family, your life will be enhanced as you learn the best research on nutrition, cooking, and holistic health!

Tiffany is a Holistic Nutrition Educator and practitioner, an Advanced Aromatherapist and an advocate for Health Freedom. She knows that there is great healing power in good foods prepared by loving hands, and also that nourishing food grows strong bodies and souls - while preventing and also healing disease.

Tiffany has a bachelor’s degree from ASU in Organizational studies, where she structured a degree that allowed her to encompass her love for health and nutrition with running a business. Her project was conducting research on healing cancer naturally during which she completed an internship with Jacque Gurney of Botanical Education. Tiffany has been teaching nutrition classes for for two years after sharing her love of holistic nutrition (feeding both the body and the soul)for the past 15 years.


10-20-10 From SAD to GLAD – Changing the Standard American Diet into a Health Plan for Success
10-27-10 Digestion, Just Pipes and Tubes, or How do I get it to Work?
11-3-10 America’s Sugar Fix, its Impact, Great Options, and Labels
11-10-10 Dirt to Digestion, Minerals, Vitamins and More
11-17-10 The Skinny on Fats, Saturated or Un, Omegas and Cholesterol
12-1-10 Protein, More than Meats the Eye – Complete of Incomplete?
12-8-10 Grains, from Gluten to Glycemic, and Fabulous Fiber
12-15-10 Fruits and Vegetables, Natures Farmacy, Raw vs Cooked
1-5-10 Children, they are what YOU Eat, Fertility to Toddlers
1-12-10 Metabolic Syndrome, What your Diet Really Costs You!

Prepay for the course and save $25 (one free class)

Level 2 Holistic Nutrition will begin February 8, 2011 and is taught by Shari Lyon, Wellness Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Master in Science in Holistic Nutrition. Her classes will be held from 11 am to 1 pm, will include lunch that correlates to the topic, and will also include the class manual. Classes will include Produce Dominated Eating, Blood Type and Metabolic Typing Principles of Nutrition, Raw and Living Food Eating, Cancer Prevention Through Diet, Spectrum Eating for the Brain, ADHD, Autism, Prevention and Treatment of Candida and Allergies through Diet Choices, Vegan Cooking, Diabetic and Cardiovascular Eating, Healthy Desserts and more!

Level 3 in the Holistic Nutrition Program is Body Systems, with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Those who have taken this series for Aromatherapy or Herbal Studies will already have it completed.

Level 4 - The Final Level will be taught by a nurse, nutritionist, and holistic healer, covering Consulting Principles, Breaking Food Addictions, Symbiotic Human and Plant Chemistry, Health Maintenance in Disaster Conditions, Herbs and Nutrition, Enzymatic Therapy, Pathology Protection through Nutrition, and much more!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Testing Class - Guest Teacher, Pam Brimhall

It was a beautiful experience in class #5 in the Quantum Physics Series to have guest instructor, Pam Brimhall, teach her methods of Muscle Testing for health and emotional wellness! Pam showed how to balance energy (polarity) for both practitioners and clients in various simple ways that anyone can use, with faith and prayer as the foundation for receiving answers of truth. Class members offered to be "visiual aids" for the balancing and testing methods, and Pam's desire was that everyone leave the class that day totally capable and ready to practice with themselves and their families. Thank you Pam for sharing your gifts with this wonderful group of women! Many will be blessed as they move forward in confidence and help others!
Even in Western Medicine, the understanding of particles smaller than the atomic level (into the quantum level of quarks, bosons, leptons, etc) are beginning to answer questions of energy, emotions, cellular communication, connectedness, etc. Quantum Physics in our day is as big a deal as finding that the world wasn't flat in Columbus' day! Dr. Mehmet Oz says, “We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine is energy (quantum) medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It is understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.” Come and join us in these classes! Even if you have missed the first classes in the series, you can take them the next time that they are offered in 2011 or you can prepay for the class and receive the class manual to help you understand what has been taught in previous classes.

Comments from Jacque: "There has not been a series of classes that I have enjoyed more than this Quantum series! I have enjoyed the research, the writing, teaching it, and know that this is something that I was supposed to do in my life! This has brought me closer to God in new ways, because so many things that I have always known in my heart and through the Spirit, are things I can explain scientifically. I'm so grateful to live upon the Earth at this time when so much knowledge is available to us! In spite of the world conditions, each of us has an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and the universe by thinking good thoughts, doing good acts, forgiving, serving others, and doing what it takes to honor our bodies and our spirits. Our emotions are particles, our faith is particles, our actions are particles, and they have impact on us and on others - they are real and tangible. We don't see them with our eyes, but they impact our lives! I express my gratitude to God for allowing me to be associated with the wonderful women who come to learn! I see such greatness in each of them, and I learn from their examples of valor and goodness. I think I can speak for them in saying that WE are grateful to be women in this day and age - and we CAN do the healing and nurturing work of women! We CAN have a positive effect upon the world!"

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Arizona aromatherapists were treated to a very special training conference by Alexandria Brighton. I have had quite a few aromatherapy teachers through the years, but find none of them as REAL as Alexandria! She is a no-frills, no-guile, no-hype teacher, who has a lifetime of experience and stories, and who wants the field of aromatherapy to be both protected and available to all! On top of all that, she has a great sense of humor! She taught on General Safety Precautions for Essential Oil Use and on Essential Oils for the Systems of the Body.

Alexandria teamed up with Lorene Davies (Cron), the author of a much-used handbook of essential oil recipes and information named NATURES PHARMACY, A GUIDE FOR THE USE OF ESSENTIAL OILS. Lorene taught Friday at the Legado Center (organized and sponsored by Carol Nelson) on Nutrition as the Science of Longevity. STUDENTS WHO ARE CERTIFYING AS PROFESSIONAL AROMATHERAPISTS CAN USE THESE HOURS TOWARDS THEIR REQUIREMENTS. Please keep your records and certificates to be added to your file. THE NATURES PHARMACY ESSENTIAL OILS RECIPE BOOK IS AVAILABLE AT OUR OFFICE! Thanks Carol for providing this great event!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

We Are Open! $18 Massages Celebrating our New Wellness Center!

Our new Wellness Center opened with a celebration night and a class on Intro to Herbs - Using Kitchen Spices, Weeds and Miraculous Healers! It was a packed house and we surely did appreciate seeing so many friends that came. To celebrate our opening, we are offering 30-Minute Massages for $18 (the best deal around)! Call 480-296-4699 to schedule your massage today.
We have a great space for classes, and a kitchen for blending essential oils or for making herbal medicine. The yard has space to create gardens, where we will grow, harvest, distill essential oils and harvest for herbals extracts and other projects. We will offer 1-hour classes on special interest topics beginning in the weeks ahead, which will include First Aid Naturally, Babies and Children, Women's Concerns Naturally, Using Clay for Healing, and much more.
Our team is here to serve you MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY from 9am-5pm. We want to provide a place of peace where you can come, even if it's just to be among people who will care, and even if you just want to sit on the patios or in the gardens (once they are growing). Jonique, Brenda and Jacque will answer your calls and questions, and will schedule you for therapies. Other therapists (providing Cranial Sacral, Emotional Balancing, Nutritional Bio Scans, Foot Detox, and more) bring their special gifts and sincere concern for your well-being and happiness!
We carry an assortment of premium health products that we have seen to bring health both physically and emotionally. We try to find the best products for the best prices, and we highly encourage you to learn about Healing Clay - which is only $6.50 per jar - and it helps with digestion imbalances, lack of minerals, bowel conditions, skin conditions, bites, and much more. Also we highly recommend Dead Sea Salts for health, and we sell it by the pound.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Millenial Wellness Education Center Opening August 3rd!

I'm so excited that all the months of hard physical work are paying off, and the little 60-year old home is almost totally remodeled and ready for me to hold classes, work with clients, and grow gardens to help students have hands-on experience with growing herbs, making herbal medicines, and distilling essential oils!

It has been a dream of mine for so long, and now I can share it with others! Thanks to my amazing husband, Rick, to our children and many others who have labored tirelessly to convert a home that was built before the Town of Gilbert built a road system. This little house has such a great spirit! It also doesn't have a disposal, so it produces compost.

We will built a chicken coop, because at this date, the Little Red Hen is at my home, tilling my gardens, fertilizing them, and eating my bugs. She LOVED the wheat that I had thrown into the garden, which grew and ripened into beautiful wheat stalks! She is a true blessing - even though she likes to fly over the garden fence and deposit her 20 daily poops onto the back porch. There is a reason for chicken coops!

Thursday, July 8, 2010



Learn from a master of aromatherapy at a training seminar by world renowned expert & Master Aromatherapist, Robert Tisserand. He separates the real from the mythical as he discusses how essential oils are being used proactively to improve health and wellbeing with optimum safety. He now resides in the US but is from Europe, where he learned so much. He is on the board of many companies, and is the author of several books, including SAFETY OF ESSENTIAL OILS. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS TRAINING FROM THIS WORLD-RENOWNED MAN AND FABULOUS TEACHER! A big THANK YOU to Amy Lindquist with Scentsational Health and Wellness for all the work that she has done to bring Robert Tisserand to Arizona!

If you still want to come and need to discuss a payment plan with Amy, please contact her ASAP.

Aromatherapy: Fact and Fiction
Friday & Saturday, August 27 & 28, 2010
Scottsdale Conference Center

Key points Robert will discuss include:

· Essential oils
· Aromatherapy in healing
· Therapeutic mechanisms
· Dose and dilution: how much is enough?
· Holistic medicine: supportive & preventive care
· Psychological effects
For more information and to register, visit www.yourshwphoenix.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


BRENDA FLOWERS is my new assistant! She has made all the difference in being able to get classes scheduled, forms completed, and initial postings to the web and this blog! Our associate (my daughter) JONIQUE BEACH has a beautiful new baby girl, XELLY, and their family is no longer moving to California, so we will be working together again! Jonique has been so amazing to work with this past year, and I'm so glad that she can help with with all the technical things and build power points for my classes! Yes, it takes a team to do this - and we love it!

Our Level 3 ADVANCED AROMATHERAPIST classes begin on August 18th and will include Quantum Physics, learning to use amazing essential oils to help heal all the things below the atomic level - like negative emotions, thoughts that do not serve us, lack of spirituality and things that are missing from a full-functioning life! It will be an amazing series, covering therapies like using ESSENTIAL OILS with reflexology, iridology, Chinese Meridians, Chakra (spiritual body), Rapid Eye, AIR, and much more. YOU WILL LOVE THIS EMPOWERING SERIES!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Distilling Chamomile from My Organic Gardens

It was an exciting day to receive the Distiller that we had ordered quite some time ago! I was growing concerned as I watched the heat begin in Arizona, and worried that I would miss the Chamomile harvest. I had already harvested massively for my Herbal Calming and Uplifting formula, and it was nearly ready to be strained. However, I harvested a trial batch of Chamomile for my first distilling experience!

It was amazing to see the amount of Hydrosol that came off the plant in comparison to the few drops of Chamomile! During the distilling process the Blue Azulene forms and the essential oil is very distinctive to see, floating on top of the Hydrosol. I AM EXCITED TO TEACH ABOUT HYDROSOL, AS IT HASN'T BEEN PART OF MY CURRICULUM UP TO THIS POINT! You can surely know why a pure, organic German Chamomile (Magtricaria recutita) is so costly - and you can be assured that if you have a bottle that was less than $60 for 10 ml that you DO NOT HAVE A PURE ESSENTIAL OIL!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Lori Olsen and I enjoyed our morning outing with the Phoenix Permaculture Guild to harvest Mesquite beans. Usually the beans are harvested in early June, but when we got to the location we found that our Spring in the desert was actually about 5 weeks delayed! I had noticed how wonderful this spring has been - with our first 100-110 degrees just hitting last week - but didn't realize how many weeks we had been gifted!

I scheduled a class on the Mesquite Trees (several varieties to understand) and an opportunity to gather the beans to be made into Protein Shakes, Flour and other recipes on July 17,2010 7-9am (Saturday). It will be hot, so bring water, hats and a container to gather the pods in. Lori will help me with the class if her schedule will allow! Happy Summer! Email me at botanicaleducation@gmail.com to let me know if you will be attending. This class counts towards required Experiential Learning for the Herbal modules.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I TOTALLY recommend Kara Bagley's online cooking classes - as well as her scheduled classes! Please check out her blog - and learn to cook healthy for your family (NOURISH = NURTURE):

I have spend the past days canning BEETS from my garden - as well as eating tomatoes and watching the summer squash grow bigger! It has been a season for gathering seeds for next year's crop (peas, cilantro, beets, chamomile, poppy, nasturtium, calendula, etc).
The recipe for Harvard Pickled Beets is:
Cook beets - skin them and cut into cubes
Boil together: 1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
1 c sugar
1 T salt
Add cubed beets and bring to boil.
Put into sterilized jars and steam process. Enjoy! My husband's favorite!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


April 9th was an amazing Intro to Desert Herbs Hike in the beautiful desert bloom after this perfect rain year! It was a beautiful environment to study the desert plants and to hike from Gold Canyon up to the Petroglyph Falls, studying the plants along the way. It's an easy hike that most people can do, and the Class manual was provided, but each student brought a lunch, water, comfortable shoes and clothes, writing materials and lots of excitement for a wonderful day! The waterfall was still running a little into the ponds, but was slow enough for tadpoles to grow into frogs. It is a sacred native american place where the skies, land and water meet, with petroglyphs all over the west side rocks of the canyon.
This is what one student said:
This class was great! The desert was in bloom, weather was perfect & it was nice to be able to try the sunscreen that you made. It was so exciting to learn all this that I went the next day to lead the same hike & tell the things I had just learned to solidify in my memory what the plants looked like and to make sure that I would remember all the plants/latin names/facts learned. I'm glald that this counts towards my teaching hour requirements! I also gathered some Creosote. I steeped it in boiling water and then used the tea to soak my hands in to help heal the eczema. It was soothing and helped a little bit but not a lot in one soaking so I still have the tea refrigerated and will continue experimenting with it . I need to try soaking with it more consistently.

Monday, March 15, 2010

BODY SYSTEMS CLASSES - 7 Weeks Until Level 2 Students Graduate!

We will take a week break before beginning classes again on March 24, 2010. The location will change to 1166 E Warner, Gilbert, AZ 85296 but the time will remain from 12 noon until 2 pm. You are welcome to bring a lunch if you are not able to eat prior to coming to class, although there will not be a break during class.

Classes remaining in this series are: Lymphatic System, Urinary System, Reproductive System, Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2, Safety Uses and Hazards of Essential Oils, Botanical Names (Latin names), Botany and Plant Families. Upon completion of this series, and having completed the Passport to the World of Aromatherapy, students can qualify for an Aromatherapist Level II Certification upon turning in all required tests, projects and personal case studies.

Individuals can begin at any point (class) and earn a Certification, as the classes are rotated throughout the year.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts From Teaching Body Systems Classes

Teaching about our amazing and divine bodies is both a great and humbling experience! Great because I get to see "ah ha" moments in peoples' eyes as they catch principles that are truths and that will make great changes in their lives - and humbling, because no matter how powerful any class feels, in the end, I am a mere messenger, who cannot ever truly find words that can describe the power, beauty, miracles, glory and divinity of the human body, spirit, soul and intelligence!

I didn't want to go to bed tonight without truly thanking all of those glorious women who come weekly to classes, and then who leave to go make a difference in the world - for giving me the opportunity to be an instructor. It is always the instructor who learns the most!

Also, I couldn't end a day without giving glory to a loving Father in Heaven for all that it has taken to become a God and a creator of worlds and universes, and of course His greatest creation, his children - us! I love this marvelous earthly experience and look forward to every new day!
The Body Systems class was my favorite! I had struggled understanding how to use essential oils because I had never taken Anatomy and Physiology classes. Thank you for the way you so clearly explained the body and how it worked in the 15 classes. I especially liked that you use Power Points in all your classes with visuals, because I am a very visual learner. I had been afraid of the Chemistry and also of the Botanical Names, but was pleasantly surprised when you reviewed the material and made sure that we understood and "owned" the information. Thanks for this great series of classes! I am so excited to continue on with Levels 3 and 4! When will your class schedule be completed for the Fall and Winter of 2010-2011? DP

Monday, January 25, 2010


Jacque- I just wanted to thank you for teaching us such a great class last week... It came in handy today! My husband felt something pop in his back yesterday at work, but was not feeling too bad last night. Today, however, he could barely move...Extreme pain. He had hurt his back as a young adult, and the last time it went out it was very costly. ..Urgent Care, MRI's, months of Physical Therapy... Today, with the information that I learned from the Level 2 Essential Oils Certification class, I was able to make a pain/therapy blend to help his severe back spasm and give him some relief. I prayed that I would know what to use...grabbed the class hand-out and made a blend... I added some extra oils to the Chiro Care blend that you had given us and applied the oils to his back and feet and then used a warm compress. I also called my Dad and Uncle to give him a blessing! After a few applications he came, walking out - Not his usual gait, but he was up right and not grimacing in pain! By tonight he is remarkably better. I'm so thankful for your classes. Love you for sharing, even though it it sooo much work! Worth every penny I pay- C

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tea Tree and Lavender Save Cost of Trips to the Doctor

It has been over a year since I attended my first class with Jacque. I knew what she was teaching was true, that we truly do create the environment of our lives, and she had information toat would help me to make wise choices as a mother for my health and the health of my family. Since that meeting I have been more confident in my journey to better health. I have learned to choose wisely with Jacque's help along the way. I have seen many miracles, however big or small, in myself and others since learning about essential oils. Example: My 2 year old daughter was teething, had pink eye, and a yeast infection all at the same time. I knew that Tea Tree with Lavender and a carrier oil would help the yeast infection and that Lavender highly diluted would help the pink eye. I called Jacque to make sure I understood how to use both, and also for my peace of mind. Both conditions only lasted two days, and we didn't have to go to the doctor once. I know I can help my family more now as I continue to educate myself with Jacque. It has been an amazing blessing in my life. Thank you Jacque." Stacy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Health & Wellness Career Training Expo

2010 Health & Wellness Career Training Expo - Saturday, January 23 at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ

Wellness - The Biggest Opportunity of the 21st Century

In the next 10 years, an additional $1 trillion of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the Wellness industry - defined as 'the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.' The Wellness business is proactive. People voluntarily become customers - to feel healthier, to reduce the effects of aging, and to avoid becoming customers of the sickness business. Everyone wants to be a customer of this earlier stage approach to health.

For more information visit 2010CareerExpo.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Passport to The World of Aromatherapy
Essential Oils Certification Level 1 Class graduated Saturday, January 9, 2010. An amazing group of individuals who began classes in August 2009, learned "Blend Like an Egyptian", with the history of of ancient and sacred essential oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood..., then on to Europe and France to study Lavender, Rose... and Artistic blending methods, then to Australia for Therapeutic blending methods, to India for Perfume blending, and to the California Spa, for Citrus and US spa blending and therapies.
"The Level 1 classes have been an enriching part of my life and have taken my learning to a new and exciting level! Jacque presents the material in a logical, fun and organized way that makes it easy to understand. The student manuals cotain valuable information that I can refer back to until I have it memorized.
The hands-on projects and blending assignments heightened my learning in a way that could not have been learned if I were to read a book or watch someone else do it. It is evident that Jacque cares about each student and goes out of her way to make sure that we have a welcoming and comfortable environment to learn in.
Jacque always prepares a delicious, healthy lunch that ties into the history that we are studying about. I would recommend this class to anyone who is in search of an in-depth understanding of the history, distillation process, chemistry, safety and uses for a wide variety of essential oils. You will not be disappointed!" Cindy S, Gilbert AZ

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION began in my heart 25 years ago - when Americans thought that plant medicine was snake medicine. It has been a marvelous change through those years to watch people change - and to watch them begin to look for more natural options than the "miracles" of Western Medicine. It has been a great privilege to both learn and to teach of our symbiotic relationship with the Earth that was created by a loving Father in Heaven, and to benefit from all that she has to offer us through her soils, minerals, plants, water, oxygen and exposure to sunlight.

For nearly a century we thought that we could eat and drink anything that we wanted - living on "Fast Foods" and "Processed" foods - and then we could go to the doctor and he would "fix" us. We also exposed ourselves to every kind of modern chemical compound that we could find - thinking that our skin would protect us from every exposure. We also removed ourselves from nature - became more Privileged and less active - away from the sun, the soil and the plants - until we have become one of the sickest nations on earth. We have created syndroms and diseases that never existed before - all in the name of ease, privilege and comfort.

BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION came to fruition as I have taught classes, attended many classes, worked with clients in my business MILLENIAL WELLNESS (see http://www.millenialwellness.com/ ), and as I've watched a movement called "New Age" that brought with it many untruths and a removal of God and His laws - while it was also bringing many truths from other ancient cultures with thousands of years of historical use and success. Many people today jump onto "bandwagons" and get excited just because things are presented as "new" or as "ancient teachings" without truly asking "what is truth?". I never attended a class without praying before, during and after - to know through personal revelation (which we all can receive) to know if the particular information was "truth" or, even if it was for me to share. I invite all to do likewise - with anything that I say or teach.

BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a place for seekers of truth, seekers of health, seekers desiring to help others, and a seeker of Teachers who want to use their knowledge in helping to strengthen and uplift others by bringing classes that contain truth. BEF will hold all teachers and classes to the highest standards and will provide Certification programs that are of the highest standards.

Come and join me in education, efforts and choices that will help to prepare people to be strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Join me in education, efforts and choices that will help the people from the greatest nation on earth to be leaders for good in the world, and to be great in every way! Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC, AAP
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