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Friday, May 11, 2012


Reducing Super Bugs, yet protecting your family and the environment!

 We've been told that each year as many as 80,000 to 100,000 deaths occur in hospitals due to germs and that one-third of these are preventable - simply by doctors and nurses washing their hands.  It is true that hospitals are where the “super bugs” were created, but now they are everywhere – in locker rooms, in grocery stores, etc, and MRSA was created as medicine increased the use of antibiotics. 
After an ABC program citied these statistics, millions of Americans ran to their local stores to purchase antibacterial" hand wash or gel from the variety of brands available.  What you were not told is the danger lurking inside those bottles!  Take a look at the ingredient label.  Do you see TRICLOSAN? 
“Triclosan is a synthetic "antibacterial" ingredient has a chemical structure similar to Agent Orange.  The EPA describes Triclosan as a toxic pesticide, giving it the highest scores as a risk to both human health and the environment. Whenever you wash your hands, this toxin goes down the drain, and eventually into your drinking water.  It essentially remains in the environment forever. (It also is absorbed by your skin!) 
Triclosan is a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans.  It is a long, slow poison.  Scientific research shows that Triclosan may produce dioxin, a powerful hormone-disrupting chemical.  Hormone-disruptors pose enormous long-term health risks.  They change genetic material, cause sterility in men, affect sexual function, and may cause birth defects. 
With continued use of these antibacterial hand washes and gels, Triclosan is absorbed through your skin and stored in your fatty tissues, eventually reaching levels which may damage your liver, kidneys and lungs, cause paralysis or heart problems and suppress your immune system. 

And the FDA - how could they allow such a chemical on the shelves?  The FDA has no authority over the cosmetic manufacturers.  A manufacturer may use any ingredient or raw material and market the final product without government approval.  (Carol Mahoney, US News and World Report Nov.10, 1997). 

The choice to NO LONGER use antibacterial hand soaps, dish detergents, hand purifiers that are chemically based will improve your long-term health – and the Earth’s environment! 
The simple and easy 'switch' to make is to immediately throw out any and all anti-bacterial soaps, detergents and the like. Inform your family why, and of the choice you've made, then replace the toxic anti-bacterial soaps with the clean, skin-nourishing option of FOREVERGREEN’S Silk Body Wash. If you want to add a little bit of your own all-natural anti-bacterial qualities, put in a few drops of Guardian Blend, Lemon, Tea Tree Rosemary, or Eucalyptus Globulus into the body wash.   Simple solution. S imple to implement.  Powerful long-term impact!  These purest essential oils kill pathogens, but do not kill good bacteria, nor do they damage tissues, organs, nor the environment.  All they will do is help you! 
FOREVERGREEN  has an all natural Anti-Aging Skin Support Collection 

The PACK INCLUDES: 2 Quench, Silk Body Wash, Balance Gel, Jojoba Message Oil, and Grapeseed Message Oil.  It has the best skin products available, which are adaptable to many uses (to make antibiotic capsules, makeup remover, moisturizer, sunburn protection, sunburn healing, wound healing, etc) and is priced:  Direct: $83.95 / Wholesale: $96.95 /                                             

MAKE SURE TO Check the Labels in Your Home!  Antibacterial ingredients can be found in:

·         Laundry detergents

·         Shampoos

·         Toothpastes

·         Body washes

·         Dish soaps 

Dr. Joseph Mercola said:

"The very idea that we must protect ourselves from any and all bacteria at every turn, by eradicating them from every orifice, inch of skin, every utensil and every surface you ever come in contact with, is fundamentally flawed . . . driven to these extremes not by health scientists, but rather by corporate interests.

Unfortunately, over the years a majority of people have fallen for the flashy advertising promising safety and better health in a germ infested, dangerous world.  As the AMA stated ten years ago, there was, and still is, little or no evidence that these antibacterial products outperform the good-old-fashioned techniques like washing with soap and water."  

If you already have a FOREVERGREEN wholesale account, order your Anti-Aging Skin Support Pack today.  If you do not have an account, go to (click on): www.8468701.myforevergreen.org.  I can send you recipes for skin care products that are all natural and which have multi-faceted good benefits, including reducing anxiety, emotional uplift, improving sleep, reducing cellulite, etc. 

Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC
Millenial Wellness LLC

Another incredible product from Forevergreen is HOUSEKEEPER!  Check it out!  With it you can make every natural cleaning product that you will need!  Our health and the world get better one good choice at a time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Spring is here...with all of the beauty that it brings:  flowers, buds, and greenery coming back to life.  Along with the reawakening of nature comes the pollen and petals that so many of us react to.  So far, this has been an unusually intense spring for allergies. Even people who have never experienced seasonal allergies are itching, sniffling, and suffering.  Here are a few simple tips that you can do to help relieve allergy symptoms:  
INCREASE YOUR ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID INTAKE - Essential fatty acids can't be manufactured by your body and must come from the foods or supplements you eat. There are 2 types of essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6. Many of us are deficient in these fats and this can make allergy symptoms worse.  It can also contribute to many skin conditions that are also associated with allergies.You can get more essential fatty acids in your diet through:  
-Deep sea fish - salmon, halibut, mackerel.  Sardines also contain beneficial oils. 
-Flax seed, walnut, sesame, borage, black currant, evening primrose, and safflower oil also contain beneficial fats that can be helpful for allergies. 
If you want to increase your fats through supplementation, start at 2 caps 2x/day of EFA Complex.  If you also want to help support memory and focus, you may want to also add in 2 caps 2x/day of DHA Complex.  You can increase as needed until symptoms improve.  Children can start at half this dosage.  Yes, this $6 Walmart product works great on many clients!
MEDICINAL MUSHROOM HERBAL BLEND WITH REISHI  - Reishi is a medicinal mushroom which is very powerful in building the immune system.  Japanese researchers discovered that a compound in the Reishi mushroom, called Lanostan, acts as a natural antihistamine.   For this season, Reishi seems to be one of the most effective ways to lower the inflammatory response triggered by seasonal allergies. 
Dosage:   ramp up slowly to see where your symptoms start to subside.  Reishi is safe for individuals of all ages.  Start at 2 caps 2x/day and ramp up by 1 cap per day until you feel a significant difference.  You will find that after taking Reishi for a period of time, you will be able to lower the dosage and still maintain your health because it builds the immune system while lowering your allergy response.  In addition to helping with allergies, Reishi is also known to support the liver, improve memory, concentration, and focus.  Not all Reishi is created equal. You want to find a pure reishi that has medicinal properties. 
RAW LOCAL HONEY - A very simple and common-sense way to help desensitize your body to local flowers and pollens is to eat a little bit of raw, local honey daily before and during allergy season.  Farmers markets are one of the best places to source this honey.  If you are feeling a bit rundown, you may want to try this simple and powerful immune-boosting recipe:   
In a small pot, add 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup purified water and heat the cider/water to warm.  Remove cider/water from heat and pour into a mug.  Next add 1 Tbsp of raw honey and a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper to the heated apple cider vinegar tea.   Once all components are in your favorite mug, cool it down, sip and enjoy!    (you never want to heat the honey.)
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