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Thursday, September 15, 2011

CLASSES BEGIN OCTOBER 6, 2011! Learn for Personal Growth or Certify in Holistic Healthcare!

October 6th classes begin again! Body Systems, Anatomy and Physiology with Essential Oils, Herbs and Nutrition classes begin on Thursdays, 2 times per month 12:30 - 2:30 pm. Holististic Preparedness and Pathology classes begins September 22 (Thursdays) 12:30 - 2:30 pm. Passport to the World of Aromatherapy will be held on SATURDAYS 9 am - 3:30 pm - one class each month. Email us at botanicaleducation@gmail.com to register.    Location of classes will depend on the size of the group.

$25 per 2-hour class to certify, or $15 per class to attend for personal growth (class manual would not be included in the $15 price).   All day Saturday classes (6.5 hours) are $99 and include lunch, class manual and all materials for projects (you will make aromatherapy products to take and use at home).


Certified Aromatherapist (CA): 150 Hours
Passport to the World of Aromatherapy (Level 1 Aromatherapist)
Anatomy and  Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease

Certified Aromatherapist Professional (CAP): 200 Hours
Passport to the World of Aromatherapy
Body Systems, Anatomy and Physiology with Essential Oils, Herbs and Nutrition
Holistic Pathology- Natural Answers to Illness and Disease
Quantum Therapies with Essential Oils

Certified Herbalist (CH): 150 Hours
Passport to the World of Herbs
Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease

Certified Professional Herbalist (CPH):     200 Hours
Passport to the World of Herbs
Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology- Natural Answers to Illness and Disease
The Science and Practice of Botanical Medicine

Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator (CHNE): 200 hours
Holistic Nutrition 1 - Taught by Tiffany Higgins
Holistic Nutrition 2  - Taught by Erlene Tilton
Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease

Certified Holistic Healthcare Professional (CHHP): 430 Hours
Choose 2 Programs - Herbalist, Aromatherapist or Holistic Nutrition -  Anatomy/Physiology and Holistic Pathology are in each of the programs but you take them only once.


Introductory Classes ($10 – Prerequisites to the program)
Introduction to Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) 2 Hours
Introduction to Herbal Medicine -   2 Hours
Introduction to Holistic Nutrition   - 2 Hours

Passport to the World of Herbs (6 Hours each) $99 each 50 Hours
PH0  Introduction to Herbal Medicine (2 hours, see above)
PH1  North American Herbs
PH2  Southwest and South American Herbs
PH3  India’s Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs in Use Today
PH4  Traditional Chinese Herbs for Medicine
PH5  Arizona Herb Hike – Herbs of the Southwest Desert
PH6  Medicinal Uses of European Herbs
Experiential Learning Projects and Materia Medica (18 Hours)

Passport to the World of Aromatherapy (6 hours each) 50 Hours
PA0  Introduction to Essential Oils (2 hours, see above)
PA1  Blend Like an Egyptian – Foundations of Essential Oil Therapies
PA2  Artistic Blending with France and European Essential Oils
PA3  Therapeutic Chemistry Blending with Australian Essential Oils
PA4  Perfume Blending Using Notes and the Fragrant Flowers of India
PA5  Spa Blending with California Citrus for Beautiful Skin and Relaxation
Experiential Learning Project (20 hours)

Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems   50 Hours  
BA1 Safety in Using Botanicals (Herbs and Essential Oils)
BA2 The Integumentary System - Cells and Tissues
BA3 The Skeletal/Muscular System
BA4 The Nervous System
BA5 The Endocrine System
BA6 The Sensory System – Taste, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell
BA7 The Digestive System
BA8 The Respiratory System
BA9 The Circulatory System
BA10 The Lymphatic System
BA11 The Urinary System
BA12 The Reproductive System
Experiential Learning Project and Research (20 hours)

Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease (2 hours each) 50 hours
HR1 Self Diagnosis - Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening? - Epigenetics
and  Environmental Impact in Disease Prevention and Healing
HR2 Illnesses and Diseases of the Integumentary System - Cells and Tissues
HR3 Illnesses and Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System
HR4 Illnesses and Diseases of the Nervous System
HR5 Illnesses and Diseases of the Endocrine System
HR6 Illnesses and Diseases of the Sensory System
HR7 Illnesses and Diseases of the Digestive System
HR8 Illnesses and Diseases of the Respiratory System
HR9 Illnesses and Diseases of the Circulatory System (Heart)
HR10 Illnesses and Diseases triggered by the Lymphatic System
HR11 Illnesses and Diseases of the Urinary System
HR12 Conditions of the Reproductive System
HR13 Holistic Responses to Immune Functions 1 – Pathogen Borne Illnesses and allergies
HR14 Holistic Responses to Immune Function 2 - Inflammation, Cancers, Autoimmune
HR15 Consultation and Treatment Designs in a Holistic Business
Experiential Learning – Master Project (8 Hours)

The Science and Practice of Botanical Medicine (2 Hours each)50 Hours
SH1  Botanical Names of Plants
SH2  Plant Classifications, Plant Families - Botany
SH3  Ethnobotany – Historical Recorded Uses of Plants
SH4  Materia Medica – Research and Documentation of Plants for Medicine
SH5  Phytochemistry- Chemistry of Botanical Medicine
SH6 Growing Plants for Medicine – Gardening and Farming
SH7 Wildcrafting - Identifying and Harvesting Plants in the Wild
SH8 Distilling Essential Oils and Hydrosols - Hands On
Experiential Learning Project(25 Hours)

Quantum Therapies With Essential Oils (2 hours each)50 Hours
Level 4 Advanced Aromatherapist (Essential Oils)
QA1  Introduction to Quantum Physics
QA2  Essential Oil Impact on the Biology of Belief
QA3  Epigenetics – Our Choices Impact our Genes
QA4  Healing The Healer/Facilitator
QA5  Kinesiology and Muscle Testing Physical Assessment
QA6  Reflexology and its Applications to Health Choices
QA7  Iridology and its Application to Assessment
QA8  Aromatic Integrative Renewal – Chinese Meridians
QA9  Chakra Healing with Essential Oils (Ayurvedic – India)
QA10 Visualization and Color Therapy using Essential Oils
QA12 Distillation of Essential Oils (Hands on)
QA13 Hydrosols – Large Molecule Essential Oils
Experiential Learning (AIR, EFT, Color Therapy, RET (14 Hours)

Special Interests Classes: (Can be used as Experiential Hours) 2 Hours Each
SI1   Nutrition and Botanicals
SI2   Oils as Carriers for Essential Oils
SI3   Emotional Wellness for the Holidays
SI4   Sacred Healing Oils of the Bible
SI5   Pregnancy & Childbirth Made Easier with Essential Oils
SI6   Essential Oils for Babies & Children
SI7   Date Night - Hormones, Libido, Romance With Essential Oils
SI8   Herbal and Essential Oils First Aid Kit – Emergency Preparedness
SI9   Beauty and Weight Loss with Herbs and Essential Oils
SI10 Essential Oils for Massage
SI11 Cleaning Naturally With Essential Oils
SI12 Organic Gardening
SI13 Pandemics Using Herbs and Essential Oils
SI14 Harvesting and Using Mesquite Beans in the Desert for Nutrition and Medicine


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The new Holistic Physiology (illnesses, diseases and syndromes) series will work best being taught alternating with the Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems) classes.  Those who have taken Body Systems already are welcome to re-attend classes if they feel that they need "freshening-up".  Anatomy and Physiology classes begin October 6th (12:30 - 2:30 pm) and due to Fall Break in the school systems the Holistic Pathology series begins October 20th 12:30 - 2:30 pm. 

To certify as a Certified Holistic Healthcare Professional (CHHP) you will choose 2 of the basic pathways (Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Herbalist or Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator - all level 1 and Level 2 classes) and then take the Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Pathology and Holistic Health and Healing with Quantum Physics Therapies.
Level 1 Aromatherapy (Passport to the World of Aromatherapy) begins Saturday, October 22 9:00 am - 3:30 pm This series is taught once per month on a Saturday, and is hands-on, learning, experiencing, making essential oils products and learning blending methods. 

Schedule for all classes 2011-2012 is being finalized.  Email us a botanicaleducation@gmail.com with your questions and to be added to the class email list. 

My purpose in presenting these classes is to educate and to prepare people to be able to handle 97% of the situations that they will encounter as mothers, parents, neighbors in regards to preventing and handling illnesses and diseases.  It is my great privilege to see people change their pathways from disease environments into healthy environments by using the plants and minerals of the earth.
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