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In my Millenial Wellness business, I work alongside your doctors to teach you how to support yourself holistically, but I do not replace medical advice or treatments in any way or form, nor do I prescribe. I am an herbalist, an essential oils specialist, a healthcoach and a nutrition educator who is trained in helping your provide what your body needs to heal itself - - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I require you to sign a form stating that you understand this and that YOU know that your body has power to heal itself, when given the foods, nutrients, herbs, essential oils, thoughts, and spiritual balance-ors that support wholeness - - all within the gratitude for God's will for your life. Are YOU ready to move to a higher way of living?

$75.00 Health Coaching Bi-weekly Sessions (3, 6, or 12 month packages recommended)

Create a new you in one year! Do you need a coach to help you keep on track of your health goals? Includes beginning Health Intake Assessment graph, "What your body is telling you", a monthly Nutitional Balance Bio-Scan ($85 value), weekly accountability contacts by email to check in with goals and commitments, nutrition and health education, EVOX sessions to balance emotional concerns, Iridology analysis, tuition to one class monthly, and health and emotional wellness newsletters online.

$89.00 Nutritional Balance Bio-Scan (Zyto LSA Pro Lab Report - Live!)

Amazing Nutritional balancing where your body and the computer communicate to find imbalances and stressors that need correcting; including food choices, fungii, candida, viruses, bacteria, parasites, spinal alignments, chakras, vitamins and minerals, traumas and more, This assessment shows what your body is trying to tell you that it wants to take it to a higher level of balance in the most simple way possible. Your body's frequency can be matched to its preferences of foods, nutrients, herbs, essential oils and thoughts to help you take steps to move into a higher, more energetic life, thus reduced stress and increased health through homeostasis. Powerful and amazing! I teach you throughout the session, and we find products that match exactly to your needs! You'll leave the session so empowered!

$155.00 Tissue Mineral Analysis (Hair Analysis) Lab report from Analytical Research Labs. Includes 1st 15 minute visit to take hair sampling and follow-up 1 hour visit to teach you how to understand and make nutritional decisions from the report.

After your blood takes what it needs to keep you alive, your tissues are left with whatever nutrition you have provided. This analysis provides you with a complete book about what is going on inside of you at the tissue level - - including mineral levels, cellular nutrition, heavy metals, glycemic impact,looks at minerals in tissues, protein imbalances, heavy metals and much more. Blood tests can change in 3-4 days of your life, but hair analysis shows 3-4 months (a very stable picture). The Lab work takes one week to receive back. At that time I meet with you, teach you how to read the book (totally about you) and I will teach you and help you create a 4-month plan that will work for you to correct the imbalances therein. Requires 2 consultation visits to complete.

$85.00 Aromatic Therapy for Emotional Release and Balancing - Calming, Uplifting, Soothing, Life-Changing!

Massage-like back or foot treatment using therapeutic grade, certified, high frequency essential oils & Life Coaching. Helps your body rid cellular memory of traumas, emotions, generational issues and stressors that have recorded in the DNA which cause recycling of behaviors and thoughts that do not serve you in your life Essential oils from plants have powerful supportive properties that can help you at a cellular level to make the changes in your life that you desire. They also provide amazing calmness and uplift! Powerful and life changing! A series of 3 treatments at 2 week intervals is best. Recommended to rest (allow 1/2 hour after treatment) before driving home. (1.3 hours)

$50.00 Aromatic Therapy for Pain and Motion Relief

Back or foot treatment using therapeutic grade, certified, highest frequency essential oils to support the body in reducing pain, increasing motion, supporting the emotional impact of pain and helping move toward correction. A great combination with Chiropractic treatments for a deep, long-term healing effect at the cellular level! (30 minutes)

$20.00 CUSTOM COMPOUNDING OF HERBAL FORMULAS (2 oz dropper bottle)

I blend and compound herbal formulas (which are organically grown and extracted) to match your specific needs. Herbs (plants) suppport your body in a nutritional fashion, providing nutrients and phytochemicals that resonate with specific tissues and organs, thus they strengthen them and heal imbalances and deficiencies. If your herbs don't help you, you either are not taking enough, you have not taken them long enough, or they are of inferior quality. These herbs are like eating a heaping plateful of vegetables that target your specific needs and are made from whole, fresh organic plant material. Everyone's favorite is my "Calming and Uplifting Formula" - but the Hawthorn Berry Heart Support is really good too!

$85.00 Nutritional Balance Bio-Scan - from Hair Samples (Mail-In) (Zyto LSA Pro)

Please request a standard form by email so that you can mail your hair samples in. There is a 1 week turn-around time maximum (due to post office). Your report will come to you through your email address. You will receive the same report as live session. mywellnessaz@gmail.com

$60.00 Emotional Balancing, Thought Reprogramming, Self Esteem Building and Relationship Enhancement -using EVOX Voice Re-Mapping Technology Did you know that to make up your voice, every single cell and orogan of your body is used? Your voice shows a history of you! Note how the voice of a young person sounds compared to an elderly person - or how a sick person sounds compared to a well person. Amazing technology detects emotional stressors, then provides the music tones that are needed for balancing, along with the frequencies and Bach Flower Remedies to rid your body of Traumas, Genetic miasmic thoughts patterns created through your family lines, or Self Esteem issues. Improve Personal Performance (in work, in sports, in relationships, etc), to Reduce Stress, Overcome Fears. Feel the difference in one session, but make true and great changes in 3-5 sessions. Pre-purchase 5 sessions at a reduced rate - $250. LIFE-CHANGING!

In my office I carry PREMIUM PRODUCTS for health, but I want you to have the products that you LOVE, that are easy for you to get, and I want you to use as few products as possible for your body to come into balance (homeostasis). I am unbiased as to product lines, but I do have a lot of experience in seeing which products help most people.


Greens First
Thrive Freeze Drive Foods
Syringa Progesterone Cream
Calming and Uplifting Herbal Blend
Dead Sea Salts
Redmond Clay
Peppermint Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Anti-Aging Essential Oil Blend
Women's Hormone Balance Essential Oil Blend
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