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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts From Teaching Body Systems Classes

Teaching about our amazing and divine bodies is both a great and humbling experience! Great because I get to see "ah ha" moments in peoples' eyes as they catch principles that are truths and that will make great changes in their lives - and humbling, because no matter how powerful any class feels, in the end, I am a mere messenger, who cannot ever truly find words that can describe the power, beauty, miracles, glory and divinity of the human body, spirit, soul and intelligence!

I didn't want to go to bed tonight without truly thanking all of those glorious women who come weekly to classes, and then who leave to go make a difference in the world - for giving me the opportunity to be an instructor. It is always the instructor who learns the most!

Also, I couldn't end a day without giving glory to a loving Father in Heaven for all that it has taken to become a God and a creator of worlds and universes, and of course His greatest creation, his children - us! I love this marvelous earthly experience and look forward to every new day!
The Body Systems class was my favorite! I had struggled understanding how to use essential oils because I had never taken Anatomy and Physiology classes. Thank you for the way you so clearly explained the body and how it worked in the 15 classes. I especially liked that you use Power Points in all your classes with visuals, because I am a very visual learner. I had been afraid of the Chemistry and also of the Botanical Names, but was pleasantly surprised when you reviewed the material and made sure that we understood and "owned" the information. Thanks for this great series of classes! I am so excited to continue on with Levels 3 and 4! When will your class schedule be completed for the Fall and Winter of 2010-2011? DP
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