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Friday, January 27, 2012


2012 Herb and Natural Medicine Conference at the Southwest Naturopathic College in Tempe, Arizona
April 14-15, 2012 (with pre-conference classes on April 13).

SPECIAL $199 REGISTRATION available through
Otherwise, registration for 2-Day Conference is: $249.00 before March 06, 2012; $329.00 after that date .  Also available:  $39.00 Meal package includes Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch. Vegetarian option available.

Pre-conference Intensive: A Review of Natural Medicines for the Treatment of Immune Disorders and Chronic Inflammatory Disease - Robert Rountree, MD April 13, 2012 $69.00  Friday 1 - 4:30 PM at Dobson Ranch Inn. Science of innate and acquired immunology and the physiology of inflammation; contrasts use of pharmaceuticals with nutraceuticals and botanical medicines.
Friday Field Study at Boyce Thompson Arboretum - Phyllis Hogan and Cascade Anderson Geller April 13, 2012 $59.00  Friday 10:45 AM - 3:30 PM At a cooler elevation with plenty of shade, this oldest arboretum in Arizona features 1200 species of plants.
Friday Field Study in the Superstition Mountains with Mimi Kamp April 13, 2012 $59.00 Friday 9 AM - 3 PM Jacob's Crosscut Trail in the Superstition Wilderness. Desert plant ID, medicinal uses, vibrational and ceremonial applications. Mimi was just there; plants are primed to bloom!
Register today at:  http://botanicalmedicine.org/conferences/index.php 

These classes count towards CERTIFICATION for BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION!  Email us today at botanicaleducation@gmail.com for further details.

A SPECIAL group discount is available through BOTANICAL FOUNDATION!  The conference program is now posted at www.botanicalmedicine.org.

Discount details:  Six people need to be registered by March 6 in order for all to qualify for a discounted fee of $199. (Regular fees to register are $249 by March 6 and $329 after that date).
1. Go to the home page of www.botanicalmedicine.org
2. Click "Register Now!"
3. Choose the regular registration fee and any meals or Friday events. Click submit.
4. On the second page, fill in all information. In "comments" put Botanical Foundation Group
5. On that same page in "discount code" put  bot12  (just those five characters, all lower case--no extra characters or spaces).
6. Click "submit". This will discount the registration fee to $199 if six people sign up by March 6. Payment is now with PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to register.
7. This discount applies to groups of six or more, so be sure at least six people register by March 6!.

NOTE: Discount expires on March 6, when all fees increase to $329 per person.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Certification Classes in Holistic Pathology with
          Anatomy and Physiology                         
Anatomy/Physiology - Body Systems Thursdays 12:30 – 2:30 pm (combined classes begin at 12 noon)

Jan 19     The Sensory System – Taste, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell (combined with Pathology)

Jan 26     The Digestive System

Feb16      The Respiratory System (combined with Holistic Pathology)

Mar 1      The Cardio/Circulatory System (combined with Holistic Pathology)

Mar 22    The Lymphatic System (combined with Holistic Pathology)

Apr 5       The Urinary System (combined with Holistic Pathology)

Apr 19     The Reproductive System (combined with Holistic Pathology)

Holistic Pathology - Holistic Answers to Illness and Disease Using Nutrition, Herbs, Essential Oils and Lifestyle

Jan 19    Conditions of the Sensory System (combined with Anatomy/Physiology)

Feb 2      Illnesses and Diseases of the Digestive System

Feb 16    Illnesses and Diseases of the Respiratory System combined with Anatomy/Physiology)

Mar 1     Illnesses and Diseases of the Circulatory System (Heart) (combined with Anatomy/Phys)

Mar 22   Conditions of the Lymphatic System (combined with Anatomy/Physiology)

Apr 5      Illnesses and Diseases of the Urinary System (combined with Anatomy/Physiology)

Apr 19    Conditions of the Reproductive System (combined with Anatomy/Physiology)

May 10   Immune and Autoimmune Conditions, Pathogens, Cancer, Inflammation, Allergies

May 17   Consultation and Treatment Designs Holistically


Some of the body systems are less complicated than others, thus they can be taught more simply.  For that reason, some Anatomy/Physiology and Holistic Pathology classes are combined.  The combined classes will begin at 12:00 noon instead of 12:30 pm as the extra 30 minutes is needed to cover all of the material.  Combined classes are $30 (a savings of $20 instead of taking 2 classes separately).

Class fees for certification is $25.00 for 2 hour classes, and $30 for combined classes (includes the class manual).  Non-certification registration is available for $15.00 for 2 hours classes, and $20 for combined classes.  Combined classes are green.
CALL 480-296-4699 TO REGISTER or email botanicaleducation@gmail.com

 It's time to distill Lavendar essential oil!  This is my "Eve" plant, beautiful, always giving!  My Rosemary plants are also ready for distilling, but the Chamomile plants are still young (but will be ready in Feb/March).  It's an early season in Arizona this year with the exceptionally warm winter weather.  I hope you planted a vegetable garden!  Mine went in the first week of December - and is doing beautifully!
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