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Please call us with any questions or email us at botanicaleducation@gmail.com

Monday, October 31, 2011


HOLISTIC PATHOLOGYDisease prevention and reduction using Nutrition, Herbs, Essential Oils

This series of classes is founded upon the understanding that the amazing human body was created with a powerful ability to self-heal when given the correct raw materials that it needs to do its work.  A holistic practitioner or a mother/father helping their children can provide the foods, the herbs, the essential oils, the emotional support, and other holistic therapies to strengthen the body, to increase vitality and to build-up resistance to disease (dis-ease).  You will improve your understanding of diseases, pathogens, tissue weaknesses, and you will increase your understanding of appropriate uses of plant-based micronutrient choices to assist your efforts in building infection-fighting antibodies. 

Linnaeus once said, “Herbs and plants are medical jewels gracing the woods, fields, lanes; which few eyes see, and few minds understand”.   

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who is Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, has had a long career in research (50 years), teaching and development of national and international on diet, nutrition and health. His studies have ranged from work in the Philippines developing a nationwide program for feeding malnourished children to the organization and directorship of a nationwide study on diet, health and disease in the People's Republic of China, commonly known as the China Study. 

He is probably best known for his work in the China Study and as Senior Science Advisor during the formative years of the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund. AICR awarded him the 1998 Lifetime Achievemen­t Award in Cancer Research. 

In article titled NUTRITION, THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE , October 25, 2010, Huffpost Health,  Campbell was quoted:   “The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is the most influential research funding agency in the world, is comprised of 27 institutes, centers and programs and not one is named the Institute of Nutrition.  Research funding is a mere pittance in a couple of the institutes and most of this is dedicated to the study of individual nutrients that I consider pharmacology, not nutrition.

Further, there is not a single medical school in the country that teaches nutrition as a basic medical science.  At best, a few may have an elective course that treats the subject in a most superficial manner.

Public citizens, therefore, are left to fend for themselves against the hyped up claims of the food and drug industries.

If we are to understand the true value of nutrition, we must begin by considering the health-value of whole foods, not the nutrient parts extracted from them. In that context it is whole, plant-based foods that express an effect that is far more than the sum of its parts. When done right, advanced heart disease can be cured, type 2 diabetes stopped and reversed, cancer can be prevented and, with some newer evidence, controlled after it appears. The range of diseases that can be prevented is more than impressive. The breadth and rapidity of the nutritional effect not only prevents disease but actually treats many of these diseases while restoring and maintaining health. The totality of these health effects are far more than almost anyone knows. 

It is terribly frustrating when I know these effects, I know the savings in health care costs that can be had and I know the personal responses that virtually everyone experiences when they try this for a week or so. I also know that, historically, we have been slaves to a nutrition-less health information system that, in effect, is designed to keep us in mental chains, thus to maintain the status quo.”

JACQUE'S COMMENTS:  This class is a huge investment of my life, created with the desire to share what I have learned through many years of research, training and experience.  I absolutely agree with Dr. T. Colin Campbell's research.  Come and join our class!  We are videoing these classes, in order to make them available online, for those who are not local, and for those who would like to learn in their own timeframe at home.  I will provide you with an understanding of illnesses, syndromes, diseases and imbalances - and will also provide holistic answers to prevention and treatment.  Email me at botanicaleducation@gmail.com for information.This week's class is RECOGNIZING AND TREATING DISEASES OF THE SKIN, TISSUES AND INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM Holistically!  Join us Thursday at 12:30 - 2:30 pm!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SELF DIAGNOSIS CLASS Validated by DR. OZ SHOW 10-20-2011

Self Diagnosis, Your Body is Speaking, Are You Listening?  Students this week were taught, using a 40 page manual and powerpoint with pictures,methods anyone can use to READ THE BODY, and learn what it is trying to tell you that it needs.

We covered EYES, such as disappearing eyebrows, an indicator of low thyroid, liver imbalances, etc, and IRIDOLOGY where you can see tissue weaknesses, conditions of cholesterol, weak circulation to the brain, parasites, unmanaged stress, and so much more.

We also studied the TONGUE, how it tells us of digestive disorders, allergic reactions to food, Candida, B12 deficiency and so much more.

Also NAILS, which show us zinc deficiency, stress, iron deficiency, risks of arthritis, fungal conditions, protein deficiency and more.  And did you know your EARS can tell you of heart disease, your feet can tell you of Diabetes2, mineral deficiencies, etc.

Students emailed and called later that night when DR. OZ had a guest doctor from Europe on his show, who accurately diagnosed several studio guests who had previously been diagnosed from allopathic medicine (Western Medicine), and the guest "HOLISTIC" doctor used TONGUE, IRIDOLOGY and EAR diagnosis to tell Dr. Oz his diagnosis within one minute!  Dr. Oz was astounded, yet still apprehensive, because it was so foreign to his training.      Thank you, Dr. OZ, for helping America to see that our bodies can help us diagnose 90% of all our imbalances and ailments!  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and I love how education empowers us! 

Join us in the upcoming classes on HOLISTIC PATHOLOGY - which give holistic approaches to illnesses, diseases, and syndromes of the body systems.  HOLISTIC means a WHOLE approach, "choosing the best that is available, whether a home remedy, nutrition correction, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, or pharmaceuticals".

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Classes in
Holistic Healthcare 
Register TODAY by emailing us at:
or call 480-331-9355
See CERTIFICATION details on our web/blog in a previous post
Passport to the World of Aromatherapy (6.5 hours) Sat 9am–3:30pm $99 ea
Sept 29     Introduction to Essential Oils (1.5 hours, Thurs 7-8:30 pm) - $10
Oct 22      Blend Like an Egyptian – Foundations of Essential Oil Therapies
Nov 19     Artistic Blending with France and European Essential Oils
Dec 3       Therapeutic Chemistry Blending with Australian Essential Oils
Jan 14      Perfume Blending Using Notes and the Fragrant Flowers of India
Feb 11     Spa Blending with California Citrus for Beautiful Skin and Relaxation

Anatomy and Physiology/Body Systems (2 hr ea) Thu 12:30–2:30 pm $25 ea
Oct 6       Safety Uses for Botanicals (Herbs and Essential Oils)
Oct 27     The Integumentary System - Cells and Tissues, Skin
Nov 10    The Musculoskeletal System
Dec 1       The Nervous System
Dec 15     The Endocrine System
Jan 12     The Sensory System – Taste, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell
Jan 26     The Digestive System
Feb 9       The Respiratory System
Feb 23     The Cardio/Circulatory System
Mar 8      The Lymphatic/Immune System
Mar 29    The Urinary System
Apr 12     The Reproductive System

Holistic Pathology - Answers to Illness and Disease (2 hr ea) Thu 12:30-2:30 pm
Oct 20    Self Diagnosis,Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening? -
               Epigenetics, Environmental Impact in Disease Prevention and Healing
Nov 3     Illnesses and Diseases of the Integumentary System - Cells and Tissues
Nov 17   Illnesses, Diseases and Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System
Dec 8      Illnesses and Diseases of the Nervous System
Jan 5      Illnesses and Diseases of the Endocrine System
Jan 19    Illnesses and Diseases of the Sensory System
Feb 2      Illnesses and Diseases of the Digestive System
Feb 16    Illnesses and Diseases of the Respiratory System
Mar 1     Illnesses and Diseases of the Circulatory System (Heart)
Mar 22   Illnesses and Diseases triggered by the Lymphatic System
Apr 5      Illnesses and Diseases of the Urinary System
Apr 19    Conditions of the Reproductive System
May 10   Immune Weakness, Cancer, Inflammation, Allergies and Autoimmune Conditions
May 17   Consultation and Treatment Designs Holistically

HOLISTIC PATHOLOGY Series recommendation:
We strongly recommend taking the Anatomy and Physiology class (Body Systems) prior to or concurrent with this course, as it is helpful in understanding the body system and how it works as that cannot be covered in detail during this class time.  However, you could study the system on your own prior to coming to these classes.
Registration for certification is $25.00 and includes class manual.  Non-certification registration is available for $15.00 and does not result in certification or include a class manual.

To register and reserve a seat in this class, please email botanicaleducation@gmail.com or call 480-331-9355 and leave a message and we will call you back..  You may pay by cash, check or credit card. 
Holistic Pathology is the Level 3 class for CHHP (Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner)
Quantum Physics Therapy series is now the Level 4 class for CHHP (not offered this session). 

The Herbal Certification classes and Holistic Nutrition classes have not yet been scheduled for fall 2011 or Winter 2012 and the calendar is quite full.  They will be added as soon as possible.
REGISTRATION  Mail Check to: 
Botanical Education Foundation
704 E Hampton Ct
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CLASSES BEGIN OCTOBER 6, 2011! Learn for Personal Growth or Certify in Holistic Healthcare!

October 6th classes begin again! Body Systems, Anatomy and Physiology with Essential Oils, Herbs and Nutrition classes begin on Thursdays, 2 times per month 12:30 - 2:30 pm. Holististic Preparedness and Pathology classes begins September 22 (Thursdays) 12:30 - 2:30 pm. Passport to the World of Aromatherapy will be held on SATURDAYS 9 am - 3:30 pm - one class each month. Email us at botanicaleducation@gmail.com to register.    Location of classes will depend on the size of the group.

$25 per 2-hour class to certify, or $15 per class to attend for personal growth (class manual would not be included in the $15 price).   All day Saturday classes (6.5 hours) are $99 and include lunch, class manual and all materials for projects (you will make aromatherapy products to take and use at home).


Certified Aromatherapist (CA): 150 Hours
Passport to the World of Aromatherapy (Level 1 Aromatherapist)
Anatomy and  Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease

Certified Aromatherapist Professional (CAP): 200 Hours
Passport to the World of Aromatherapy
Body Systems, Anatomy and Physiology with Essential Oils, Herbs and Nutrition
Holistic Pathology- Natural Answers to Illness and Disease
Quantum Therapies with Essential Oils

Certified Herbalist (CH): 150 Hours
Passport to the World of Herbs
Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease

Certified Professional Herbalist (CPH):     200 Hours
Passport to the World of Herbs
Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology- Natural Answers to Illness and Disease
The Science and Practice of Botanical Medicine

Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator (CHNE): 200 hours
Holistic Nutrition 1 - Taught by Tiffany Higgins
Holistic Nutrition 2  - Taught by Erlene Tilton
Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems
Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease

Certified Holistic Healthcare Professional (CHHP): 430 Hours
Choose 2 Programs - Herbalist, Aromatherapist or Holistic Nutrition -  Anatomy/Physiology and Holistic Pathology are in each of the programs but you take them only once.


Introductory Classes ($10 – Prerequisites to the program)
Introduction to Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) 2 Hours
Introduction to Herbal Medicine -   2 Hours
Introduction to Holistic Nutrition   - 2 Hours

Passport to the World of Herbs (6 Hours each) $99 each 50 Hours
PH0  Introduction to Herbal Medicine (2 hours, see above)
PH1  North American Herbs
PH2  Southwest and South American Herbs
PH3  India’s Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs in Use Today
PH4  Traditional Chinese Herbs for Medicine
PH5  Arizona Herb Hike – Herbs of the Southwest Desert
PH6  Medicinal Uses of European Herbs
Experiential Learning Projects and Materia Medica (18 Hours)

Passport to the World of Aromatherapy (6 hours each) 50 Hours
PA0  Introduction to Essential Oils (2 hours, see above)
PA1  Blend Like an Egyptian – Foundations of Essential Oil Therapies
PA2  Artistic Blending with France and European Essential Oils
PA3  Therapeutic Chemistry Blending with Australian Essential Oils
PA4  Perfume Blending Using Notes and the Fragrant Flowers of India
PA5  Spa Blending with California Citrus for Beautiful Skin and Relaxation
Experiential Learning Project (20 hours)

Anatomy and Physiology - Body Systems   50 Hours  
BA1 Safety in Using Botanicals (Herbs and Essential Oils)
BA2 The Integumentary System - Cells and Tissues
BA3 The Skeletal/Muscular System
BA4 The Nervous System
BA5 The Endocrine System
BA6 The Sensory System – Taste, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell
BA7 The Digestive System
BA8 The Respiratory System
BA9 The Circulatory System
BA10 The Lymphatic System
BA11 The Urinary System
BA12 The Reproductive System
Experiential Learning Project and Research (20 hours)

Holistic Pathology - Natural Answers to Illness and Disease (2 hours each) 50 hours
HR1 Self Diagnosis - Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening? - Epigenetics
and  Environmental Impact in Disease Prevention and Healing
HR2 Illnesses and Diseases of the Integumentary System - Cells and Tissues
HR3 Illnesses and Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System
HR4 Illnesses and Diseases of the Nervous System
HR5 Illnesses and Diseases of the Endocrine System
HR6 Illnesses and Diseases of the Sensory System
HR7 Illnesses and Diseases of the Digestive System
HR8 Illnesses and Diseases of the Respiratory System
HR9 Illnesses and Diseases of the Circulatory System (Heart)
HR10 Illnesses and Diseases triggered by the Lymphatic System
HR11 Illnesses and Diseases of the Urinary System
HR12 Conditions of the Reproductive System
HR13 Holistic Responses to Immune Functions 1 – Pathogen Borne Illnesses and allergies
HR14 Holistic Responses to Immune Function 2 - Inflammation, Cancers, Autoimmune
HR15 Consultation and Treatment Designs in a Holistic Business
Experiential Learning – Master Project (8 Hours)

The Science and Practice of Botanical Medicine (2 Hours each)50 Hours
SH1  Botanical Names of Plants
SH2  Plant Classifications, Plant Families - Botany
SH3  Ethnobotany – Historical Recorded Uses of Plants
SH4  Materia Medica – Research and Documentation of Plants for Medicine
SH5  Phytochemistry- Chemistry of Botanical Medicine
SH6 Growing Plants for Medicine – Gardening and Farming
SH7 Wildcrafting - Identifying and Harvesting Plants in the Wild
SH8 Distilling Essential Oils and Hydrosols - Hands On
Experiential Learning Project(25 Hours)

Quantum Therapies With Essential Oils (2 hours each)50 Hours
Level 4 Advanced Aromatherapist (Essential Oils)
QA1  Introduction to Quantum Physics
QA2  Essential Oil Impact on the Biology of Belief
QA3  Epigenetics – Our Choices Impact our Genes
QA4  Healing The Healer/Facilitator
QA5  Kinesiology and Muscle Testing Physical Assessment
QA6  Reflexology and its Applications to Health Choices
QA7  Iridology and its Application to Assessment
QA8  Aromatic Integrative Renewal – Chinese Meridians
QA9  Chakra Healing with Essential Oils (Ayurvedic – India)
QA10 Visualization and Color Therapy using Essential Oils
QA12 Distillation of Essential Oils (Hands on)
QA13 Hydrosols – Large Molecule Essential Oils
Experiential Learning (AIR, EFT, Color Therapy, RET (14 Hours)

Special Interests Classes: (Can be used as Experiential Hours) 2 Hours Each
SI1   Nutrition and Botanicals
SI2   Oils as Carriers for Essential Oils
SI3   Emotional Wellness for the Holidays
SI4   Sacred Healing Oils of the Bible
SI5   Pregnancy & Childbirth Made Easier with Essential Oils
SI6   Essential Oils for Babies & Children
SI7   Date Night - Hormones, Libido, Romance With Essential Oils
SI8   Herbal and Essential Oils First Aid Kit – Emergency Preparedness
SI9   Beauty and Weight Loss with Herbs and Essential Oils
SI10 Essential Oils for Massage
SI11 Cleaning Naturally With Essential Oils
SI12 Organic Gardening
SI13 Pandemics Using Herbs and Essential Oils
SI14 Harvesting and Using Mesquite Beans in the Desert for Nutrition and Medicine


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The new Holistic Physiology (illnesses, diseases and syndromes) series will work best being taught alternating with the Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems) classes.  Those who have taken Body Systems already are welcome to re-attend classes if they feel that they need "freshening-up".  Anatomy and Physiology classes begin October 6th (12:30 - 2:30 pm) and due to Fall Break in the school systems the Holistic Pathology series begins October 20th 12:30 - 2:30 pm. 

To certify as a Certified Holistic Healthcare Professional (CHHP) you will choose 2 of the basic pathways (Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Herbalist or Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator - all level 1 and Level 2 classes) and then take the Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Pathology and Holistic Health and Healing with Quantum Physics Therapies.
Level 1 Aromatherapy (Passport to the World of Aromatherapy) begins Saturday, October 22 9:00 am - 3:30 pm This series is taught once per month on a Saturday, and is hands-on, learning, experiencing, making essential oils products and learning blending methods. 

Schedule for all classes 2011-2012 is being finalized.  Email us a botanicaleducation@gmail.com with your questions and to be added to the class email list. 

My purpose in presenting these classes is to educate and to prepare people to be able to handle 97% of the situations that they will encounter as mothers, parents, neighbors in regards to preventing and handling illnesses and diseases.  It is my great privilege to see people change their pathways from disease environments into healthy environments by using the plants and minerals of the earth.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Gathering and Processing Classes
August 27 (Saturday), and again September 5 (Monday) at 10:30 a.m
Bryce Thompson Arboretum

Botanical author, Jean Groen, harvests hundreds of pounds of prickly pear cactus (opuntia) fruit each summer -- and shares her picking and juicing techniques during a one-hour class, teaching how to harvest these forbidding fruits without your hands becoming a virtual porcupine of painful cactus spines and glochids.   Jean is teaching at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum on August 27th and September 5th.

Jean will explain how to pick, juice, and prepare opuntia fruits, and teach oputia  cactus fruit and their nutritional value.  You can then stroll onto the grounds to demonstrate how to harvest enough pears for a batch of juice or jelly. Back at the Visitor Center participants will learn techniques to remove most of the spines, as well as how to extract the subtle, watermelony-tasting juice from these forbidding fruits.  Jean will also discuss prickly pear jelly and other recipes from her book. These cacti are of the Opuntia genus.  Afterwards you can enjoy a cool, refreshing, freshly-blended pitcher of prickly pear, banana, yoguty and pineapple juice smoothie!

Cactus fruits begin to ripen during July and continue through August.  Labor Day marks the end of the season and fruits will be harder to find during September.   They're simple enough to harvest, in fact commercial juicers work quite well once the fruits are de-spined.   There's nothing which quite compares to the magenta color and hard-to-describe taste of juice from the prickly pear cacti fruits common at this elevation, and ripe during August.

This same class repeats Labor Day Monday, September 5, in order to divide crowds due to the high level of interest; there is no pre-registration required. Jean Groen's prickly pear class (click on this link for info) is included with regular admission to the Arboretum of:   $9 for adults, or $4.50 for ages 5-12. Preview this event on YouTube. Arboretum volunteer Mike Rolfe posted a short video clip about the Summer, 2009

How To Juice Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Class
at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl976a9pvLE

JACQUE'S COMMENTS:  Preparedness is about learning to use every available plant and nutrient in your region.  How awesome to have fruit FREE in the Arizona deserts.  These classes are terrific for credits toward certification!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hamstring Cramps
My son and I joined friends for dinner after the boys winning a basketball game.  My son was suddenly squirming inpain…and started grabbing his leg; it was his hamstring.  I quickly grabbed my Basil and applied it directly to the site.  My son’s pain was gone in seconds and the muscle was doing great.  The friends we were with commented on how good it smells and we finished dinner.  I don’t go anywhere without my oils!!

Horses Colic
We had the chance to go to Idaho to Warm Creek Springs.  We took 6 horses with us and off to Idaho we went.  It was a 20 hour haul from Colorado.   Upon arriving at camp 2 of the younger horses
seemed to be getting a touch of colic. So we gave them each a big dose of Basil by mouth.  Within minutes their stomachs were stopped and they were fine the rest of the trip.  Every horse lover should keep Basil with them at all times.  Before our knowledge of essential oils we lost several horses to colic.  T.P.

Menstrual Cramps
A few years ago we were having a get-together and there was a woman who was having Menstrual cramps so bad she was pretty much doubled over.  After applying Basil oil to her lower abdomen and her lower back, the pain was totally gone. She could not believe it, her jaw just dropped!!  It was great. 

Middle-Of-The-Night Leg Cramps
One night last week I fell asleep on the couch with my feet up on the table in front of me (legs extended). When I awoke, my calves were cramping SO badly I could barely walk.  I hobbled to my oils, grabbed the Basil and rubbed it all over both calves. The cramping stopped in less than 30 seconds!  I wentback to sleep (in the bed this time).  The next morning there was no residual soreness which I’ve often experienced after a severe leg cramp. Go Basil!

JACQUE'S COMMENTS:   Thanks to Lorene Davies (the Nature's Farmacy Book author and essentials oils guru) for continually sharing success stories from people who use essential oils. (I carry this book for $45).  There are big differences in quality of essential oils, thus if you purchase a low-grade oil you will not get the same results.  The TruEssence essential oils discussed above have been checked at every level to guarantee that the chemical constituents that do the work are at the perfect levels, and that the oils are organic or wildcrafted.  BASIL is much more than the stories listed above!   

It is strenghening, helps with focus and concentration (when inhaled throughout the day),  and is a perfect study aid.  I like 1-2 drops on the temples and back of neck.  To help a child concentrate in school, put BASIL on the toes before socks and shoes when he/she dresses (so that the aroma is less noticeable to others).  CAUTION:  More is not better!  Large amounts can have a stupefying effect! 

Due to its effects on the neurological system, Basil helps ease nervous tension, depression, stress and anxiety.  It is especially good when used with Bergamot or Frankincense.  Apply to temples, back of neck, on the adrenals (lower back kidney region), or on the big toes.

There are many more uses, such as pain relief, digestive tonic, vomiting, constipation, rheumatism, gout, asthma, bronchitis, bug bites, insect repellant, etc.  What an amazing plant with amazing gifts to us!   Basil is considered to be the KING OF HERBS - and is an amazing plant that we study in our herbal classes also.  To get your free membership in Forevergreen for premium essential oils go to www.8468701.myforevergreen.org and click on SIGNUP.

Friday, August 19, 2011


This Saturday those certifying as Herbalists have a great opportunity to take the Desert Herbs class that we missed in the spring due to the freeze and rains.  Email me if you would like to carpool to Tucson!  botanicaleducation@gmail.com

Monsoon Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk
at Catalina State Park
(Saturday, August 20th. 7am-10am)

Join edible and medicinal plant expert and author, Charles W. Kane, for an informative –and somewhat rare– public plant walk. 30-40 Sonoran Desert plants will be covered. Their uses, biochemistry, preparations, dosages, and cautions will be discussed in-depth. The monsoon season also gives the class a chance to observe many plants that are dormant other times of the year. Even a native Passionflower, a well-known nervous system sedative, will likely be encountered.
Books Written by Charles Kane:
Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest – NEW (August 2011).
Sonoran Desert Food Plants – NEW (August 2011).
Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions – (‘Best of Reference’ – NY Public Libraries).

Catalina State Park
11570 N. Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ 85737
(520) 628-5798
Meeting point:  Assemble at the first main parking lot (on the left) after the fee booth/gift shop. Click here for map of meeting point. From the parking lot we will cover approximately 1 mile at a very easy pace.

Saturday, August 20th. 7am-10am. We will depart 7am sharp from the parking lot/meeting point. Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early to compensate for time at the fee booth, gear organization, payment, etc.

Sonoran Desert Food Plants by Charles W. Kane
What to bring
Water. Hat. Notebook and pen. Hiking boots/sneakers (open-toed sandals/flip-flops not recommended).

Cost $20
1. Mail a check (payable to Charles Kane) to PO Box 5472 Oracle, AZ 85623 prior to the class date. If you are 100% certain about attending, then consider this method.
2. Pay the morning of the class (better for more tentative participants).
Note: there is an additional $7.00 park entrance fee (per vehicle, 1-4 people), payable at the gate.

How to register
Simply reserve your/or group’s space by emailing (info@tcbmed.com) or by calling (520-731-3379). Give your name, contact information, and number in your group, and that’s it. Age restriction: 16 and up. No Pets. Limit 15 participants.

About Charles W. Kane
His experience spans several decades, first learning of plants from his grandfather as a boy, then working as a clinical herbalist, only later to pen books on the topic – some of which are cataloged in Harvard’s library. Kane’s approach to the subject is field-oriented, no-nonsense, and tempered by experience. A merger of observation, evidence-based research, and practical conclusion best describes Kane’s methodology

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear Jacque,

I am glad to see you are starting in September for the level 4 (Holistic Pathology - Illnesses and Diseases).  I have decided to take your class and my real estate is going to be just doing referrals so I don't have so much stress.  This market has been too stressful for me to start all over again. 

I want you to know because I have the certificates in Aromatherapy and Nutrition, that I was able to connect with the company called PURE ENCAPSULATIONS and get the supplements at the professional price!  A saving of at least 50% for my needed vitamins and supplements, etc.  What a blessing to our family.

Thank you so much,
love and blessing

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Helichrysum Essential Oil - Testimonial – (August 7, 2011)

I went to go donate plasma for some extra money, but on this visit the phlebotomist that helped me was not very good. She stabbed my arm wrong, causing it to bleed out. She just wiped it up and I made it through my first draw [cycle] okay. But upon the first return cycle of my red cells, the fluid wouldn't go back in. They had all together hooked me up wrong.

On top of that, they tried to return my red cells anyway with some saline to replace the lost plasma. They abandoned me and let too much saline in. I was swollen all over, with a headache, a numb arm that hurt all over, and nausea. The puncture point continued to swell, possibly internal bleeding and severe bruising. My  mother  (JULIA - AROMATHERAPIST) applied several drops of Helichrysum around the swollen puncture site and around my arm. Within moments the healing had already begun! The pain subsided to minimal,the swelling went down, and my nausea diminished.

As I write thing, the swelling and pain continue to decrease and normalcy is in sight.

Addendum by Julia ~ later we applied a few drops of Howood (very similar to Rosewood), and Marjoram. Then a couple more drops of Helichrysm. She could feel a difference with the added oils. She was going to apply some more Marjoram and Helichrysum before bed.

Helichrysum italicum                                              COMMENTS BY JACQUE:
Great job Julia!  Helichrysum essential oil is a premium anti-inflammatory gift - and a little Helichrysum goes a long way!  It is more expensive than most essential oils - but is a staple for all serious aromatherapists!  Like Geranium, it can stop bleeding quickly as well as help wound healing.  It is a powerful anti-hematoma agent and assists vascular dilation.  Helichrysum is an excellent nervine, and can provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, neuralgia, sprains, arthritis, migraines - and is my first choice for scorpion bites (as well as spiders, bees, or other insects).  2-3 drops on the soles of each foot helps to calm restless leg syndrome. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's been amazing to listen to people as I work with them, and to hear "the desires of their hearts".  I love people!  Human nature is to want to be out of PAIN, FEAR, STRESS, LACK OF HEALTH, FAT, UNHAPPINESS, POVERTY, LONELINESS - and OH so much more!   Escape from responsibility and opportunity to learn?  "Do I want it - or do I need it?".  How do I know what I need?

It has lead me to evaluate WHY we get into (and sometimes create) those conditions in our lives.  There are reasons that "mortality" is EDUCATION, WORK and DISCIPLINE to follow eternal principles.  When we make great efforts in these areas, the "stressors" will always reduce - IT'S MATHEMATICAL!

  Do Your Math!  Increase the following behaviors to create a better life!
1.  Get back into NATURE!  Swim, walk, play a sport outdoors, walk in grass barefoot, plant a garden - or wit under a tree and play guitar or write poetry - or take your family camping!
2.  Eat GREEN and eat COLORS!  Especially grow a garden and eat fresh produce that is organic, even if you sprout seeds indoors to add green brightly colored plants into your life!
3.  TAKE A CLASS to stimulate your mind (challenge your mind and create neuron activity).  Like stretching your muscles in movement and exercise, learning new things helps your brain to be strong and active.
4.  Take quality MINERALS!  Our bodies are made out of clay - minerals!  Minerals act as spark plugs in our body, to fire us up, add frequency (electricity/energy) and to provide skeletal strength.
5.  Get plenty of good PROTEIN - but reducing the meat proteins, and increasing all those others:  avocados, nuts, eggs, beans, lentils, grains, etc.  They provide muscle as well as break down to help create neurotransmitters for emotional wellness and hormones for emotional balance.
6.  Add ESSENTIAL OILS to your life!  Smell them or put them on your temples and the back of your neck for emotional uplift (try Geranium, Bergamot, TLC (my favorite Forevergreen blend), Rose, Orange - and the list is huge!  Take a good B-Complex vitamin to support your neurological system also! 
7.  Express GRATITUDE many times per day!  Learn gratitude for difficult conditions ..."what am I going to learn from this?"  Create Happy!  Choose happy thoughts!  Choose to see the good in people and in life!
8.  And of course, I would have to say, REDUCE SUGAR from your diet!  It's a false food!  It's a nutritional LIE!  The energy you gain is false, the nutrition you gain is ZERO, the brain/neuro disruption you create is powerful.  Reach for real food - and enjoy a real life! 

WHY DO I TEACH CLASSES?  Because I love people!  The most amazing people take classes - and my life is blessed by knowing each person that comes to learn and to benefit their own lives!  I want to express GRATITUDE for the blessing it has been to take classes over the past 25 years - and for the privilege now to share what I have learned both in the classroom and from experience.  THANK YOU Dear God, my Father in Heaven, for these many privileges and blessings!   Thank you, Jesus Christ, for creating this amazing Earth to provide for us so abundantly!  Yes ... today I am still a PLANT GEEK!  I love the chemistry of what is created for us - and I love seeing people's lives improve as they get back to the nature that was created FOR THEM!  FALL CLASS SCHEDULE COMING SOON!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Safety of Lavendar in Pregnancy by Robert Tisserand

ROBERT TISSERAND, one of my favorite ESSENTIAL OIL researchers and lecturers recently sent out a research paper on the disputed safety of Lavender essential oil for Pregnancy.  After all the years of using Lavender so successfully - and in seeing it's amazing therapeutic and safe results I was shocked that there still is confusion!  Robert states:

"Three herbal safety texts have concluded that lavender flowers are safe to use in pregnancy, and one of theses includes the essential oil. (These are the only such texts in my possession – there may be others that draw different conclusions.) McGuffin et al (1997) give lavender flowers a “Class 1” rating, meaning generally safe to use, with no contraindication for pregnancy or breast-feeding. They apply this to Lavandula angustifolia (true lavender) L. latifolia (spike lavender), L. stoechas (Spanish lavender) and L. x intermedia (lavandin). Mills and Bone (2005) state that using lavender flowers (L. angustifolia and L. spica) is compatible with breast feeding, and is safe in pregnancy: “No increase in frequency of malformation or other harmful effects on the foetus from limited use in women.”

The Complete German Commission E Monograph for lavender lists L. angustifolia, both flowers and essential oil, as officially “approved” and with no side effects and no contraindications. This includes internal use of 1-4 drops (20-80 mg) of the essential oil as a daily dose (Blumenthal et al 1998). The Commission E Monographs are generally regarded as the most authoritative source on the safety of herbal medicines.

What the research shows:
Camphor (one of lavender's chemical constituents) is neither reproductively toxic nor abortifacient except in almost fatal doses, and a lethal human dose is approximately 200 mg/kg. No adverse fetal effects were seen from feeding camphor to pregnant rats at 1,000 mg/kg/day, or pregnant rabbits at 681 mg/kg/day (Leuschner 1997). This non-fetotoxic rabbit dose is equivalent to an adult human dose of 48 g (1.6 oz), and a person would have to ingest 24 kg (52.9 lb) of lavender oil to reach that amount of camphor. Therefore the camphor in lavender oil presents no risk.

Linalool (another amazing chemical constituent in essential oils) is not reproductively toxic. When it was administered by stomach tube to pregnant rats at 250, 500 or 1,000 mg/kg/day, on gestational days 7-17, no fetal toxicity or teratogenicity occurred at any dose level (Politano et al 2008). The high dose is equivalent to an adult human ingesting 70 g of linalool, or approximately 200 g (7 oz) of lavender oil. Linalyl acetate has not been tested on animals for reproductive toxicity.

The research shows that lavender oil (L. angustifolia) is not a uterine stimulant. When used on the isolated rat uterus, it in fact reduced contractions (Lis Balchin and Hart 1999). And, lavender oil has no apparent adverse effects during childbirth. It was one of ten essential oils offered to 8,058 women in an 8-year study at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, UK. Aromatherapy did, however, reduce the need for pain medication. During the years of the study, the use of pethidine in the study center declined from 6% to 0.2% of women (Burns et al 2000).

One in vitro study found that lavender oil had a very weak estrogenic action in MCF-7 breast cancer cells (Henley et al 2007). However, there is no evidence that lavender oil has any adverse effects on human hormonal activity. In another in vitro study, lavender oil inhibited the growth of MCF-7 cells (Zu et al 2010) suggesting that, while it may bind to estrogen receptor sites in the body, it is not an estrogen mimic, and so does not promote estrogen.


Proving safety in pregnancy is always a challenge, but all the indications are that lavender oil is completely safe to use. It is certainly not a uterine stimulant – in any dose. The online references to lavender oil as a uterine stimulant presumably originated from the few books (probably beginning with Valnet in 1964) that describe it as having an emmenagogic action. An assumption was then made that this was due to a uterine stimulant effect, and a further assumption was made that therefore lavender oil could pose a risk of miscarriage in pregnancy. However, there is not even any evidence that either lavender flowers or lavender oil stimulate menstruation. Thus are myths conceived. Patricia Davis, I’m sure, felt her caution was well-founded, but with the benefit of hindsight we can see that it was an over-reaction. Erring too heavily on the side of safety has a downside – it creates fear, doubt and confusion.

Finally…while searching the internet for the alleged dangers of lavender oil in pregnancy, I came across this advice on a Vitamins and Health Supplements Guide page: “Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using lavender, as it is a uterine stimulant.” What, breastfeeding women too? The logic of this escapes me. Surely a woman wants her uterus to contract back to it’s normal size after childbirth. (Not that lavender oil would do this anyway.)

Jacque's Comments:  Lavender is the safest of all essential oils and it would be absurd to call it dangerous or toxic when years and years of historic use show no risks.  When I used Lavender with one of my daughters-in-law for delivery to calm her down, it also slowed down her delivery - thus it would be strange to call it abortifacient (at delivery time the body is trying to abort the baby!).  Pregnancy and Nursing are perfect times for Lavender's beautiful calming effect - as both the mother and the baby benefit.  The key thing is to have a QUALITY, ORGANIC essential oil source.  Yep, I still use Forevergreen's line of TruESsence essential oils because they qualify for the European markets with their labeling showing Batch and Lot numbers, and backed with gas chromatographs showing the levels of chemical constituents.  I want GUARANTEED RESULTS!  You can buy them from me or get your FREE membership by logging on to http://www.8468701.myforevergreen.org/ and click on SIGNUP!


Bartram T 1995 Encyclopedia of herbal medicine. Grace Publishers, Christchurch UK, p166
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Zu Y, Yu H, Fu Y et al 2010 Activities of ten essential oils towards Propionibacterium acnes and PC-3, A-549 and MCF-7 cancer cells. Molecules 15:3200-3210

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Check out this blog! 


Check out this blog!  It is very helpful and you will want to pay attention to it!  http://standeyo.com/NEWS/11_Food_Water/110516.nat.diz-crop.impact.html  

I have spent a lot of time this past year studying, testing, and using freeze dried foods and herbs. My interest was picqued when I was studying NETTLES during the intense seasonal allergy season last year. Nettles is "stinging nettle" that you are warned about when you go out hiking for its brutal skin irritation - yet when it is harvested in its early vegetative stage, it is HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS and is an amazing plant to STOP ALLERGIC REACTIONS. However, the best Nettles products (herbs) that you can purchase are when those that are prepared FREEZE DRIED - because Nettles maintains its potency better and protects you better in freeze dried form.
When people come to visit, and I can see that they are sensitive to my husband's cat (yes, he had a miraculous change from a cat-hater to a cat-lover - quite humorous!) I pull out a bottle of Nettles and give my guests a couple capsules. It's a miracle in itself to see how quickly their sensitivity goes away - and they are amazed.

So ... I found THRIVE freeze dried foods, by a company called Shelf Reliance. In the past year I have casually sent out a few emails to a few people, telling them about how I feel about the importance of food storage, about escalating food prices, and also about freeze dried foods nutrition maintenance. By being a consultant I have earned over 40 FREE cases (6 cans per case) of free food. Now my food storage is filled with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and condiments - and I do not fear what is ahead! I CAN SHOW YOU HOW I DID IT! I am pretty busy, so if I can do it in my schedule, anyone on earth can protect their family and provide nutrition that will not be lost when it is stored. Email me at jacquegurney@gmail.com or go to my website at http://www.jacquegurney.shelfreliance.com/ .

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This is a good class to help you with outside credits towards your HOLISTIC NUTRITION CERTIFICATION through Botanical Education Foundation.

GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL coming to MESA, ARIZONA to teach a class on nutrition with whole foods in only minutes per day to help improve health!

When: July 8th
Where: LDS Church, 3815 E Broadway, Mesa, AZ
Sponsored by: Hood Chiropractic
Phone: 480-452-6951

Register by going to: http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/events/free-mesa-arizona-class/

Monday, April 11, 2011


Millenial Wellness office will be closed from April 25th thru April 29th, 2011 and will open again on May 2, 2011 at 10am.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Classes - Herbs, Essential Oils and Nutrition!

Rains came in February - the freezes came too and spectacular desert wildflowers will have been delayed this year!
The germination of seeds, and the plants that come from them are miraculous to those of us who do not fully understand the powers of creation! The Earth provides what we need, and it is our responsibility to learn how to use what God has given to us for health and for happiness!
With all the news on high costs of medicine, food prices surging, and world unrest, it is comforting to know that the Earth is bounteous! We just need to learn how to use its bounty!
Join us for our annual DESERT HERB CLASS - a 2-mile hike to the Petroglyph Falls - where we will learn about the herbs, food and healing that is provided by the plants in our southwest area. We will meet at The GOOD EGG, April 9th (Saturday) at 8:30 am and drive together to the site. Bring your lunch, water, hat, sunglasses, notebook and pen. This is a beautiful, sacred and historical site in Arizona, and a wonderful place to study the gifts of the desert! The class will finish at 3:30 pm. Those who are certifying will receive the class manual, which is included in the $75 registration fee.

If you need to drive separately, meet us at the trailhead - which is erroneously named Hieroglyphics Trail - out of Gold Canyon. Take US 60 East, leaving the city limits. After passing Apache Junction area, continue approximately 3 miles until you are in the Gold Canyon area. The 2nd main light will be KINGS RANCH ROAD. Turn RIGHT on Kings Ranch Road and drive 2.7 miles until you reach BASELINE Road. Turn RIGHT on Baseline and continue .2 miles until you reach MOHICAN road, where you turn LEFT. Drive .2 miles again and turn LEFT on VALLEY VIEW road - which will turn into WHITETAIL road. Follow Whitetail road .6 miles until you reach CLOUDVIEW road - where you will drive .5 miles into the parking lot of the trailhead.
We will study the plants as we walk the trail towards the Superstition Mountains, then we will eat lunch at the waterfalls - enjoying the hierglyphics that have been left by native Americans (and some yahoos who thought it funny to leave their marks). You will want to bring your families and teach them what you learn! The hike is easy enough for my 3-year old grandkids to walk - yet there have been some through the years who have struggled! Make sure that you are walking so that your legs are strong and you can enjoy the beauty of this experience!

Email our office at www.botanicaleducation@gmail.com to let us know that you will be joining us. Bring a new friend who has not attended our classes before and your registration is reduced to $50 each! We are excited for this special day - which many students say is their favorite of all the classes!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Class #1 of the Holistic Nutrition Certification Course Level 2 began Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011 (and will be held every other week on Tuesdays at 7pm - 9pm).
Erleen Tilton, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Educator and Author (of Nature's Healthy Choices), taught what food is supposed to provide for our bodies and how we can measure if our food choices meet the standards of health. Erleen also discussed Dr. Weston Price's study which shows how societies are critically affected by their food choices - including how whole foods assist the brain's ability to think correctly, to use logic in choices, creating a reduction in crime and reducing social burdens from poor choices - as well as to provide bodies of health in the children that are born as well as reducing genetic degeneration.
Students were shown how to use oils, nuts, fruits, vegetables and aloe vera to create juices and smoothies that will cleanse the body and prepare it to be able to absorb the nutrients from a healthy diet. Class manuals include the recipes assignments and a test to complete.

Students who are certifying as HOLISTIC NUTRITION EDUCATORS will record the hours that they spend preparing whole foods, other classes they attend and books that they read in order to complete the 50 hours for this program. It's not too late to join us! To CERTIFY each class is $25 and includes the manual. To attend for personal information (without the manual and certification) is $10 per class. Call and prepay if you want to join us!

ERLEEN TILTON, instructor, kicked-off The Biggest Loser Contest and Weight Management Coaching course with a bang! The first class covered "The Mental Cleanse - Beginning with the end in Mind". Registration fees are divided in half, and this week $70 was put in the contest fund. At the end of each month the most diligent and successful student will be awarded all the monies in the fund! What a great way to get healthy and to earn some cash!

Class members were given tools for mentally mapping out a plan for now (and for life) creating food choices and behavior choices that build health, vitality and confidence! Join us - it's not too late! You can do it!
January 25: Intro to Empowering Foods - Definition of food, Juicing, Green Smoothies
February 8: Nutrition Advantages of Sprouting, How to, Salads, Soups, Dips, Smoothies
February 22: Raw Nuts, Non-Dairy Proteins and Milk, Cheeses, Mayo, Dressings, more!
March 8: Raw n Live Food Creations with Enzymes and Antioxidants for True Health
March 22: Using Whole Grains instead of Floured Grains, Breakfasts, Lunch, Stir-Fry
April 5: Making Whole Grain Pitas, Tortillas, Sub Sandwich Buns, Thin Breads, n more
April 19: Legumes n Beans, Gravies, Hummus, Sprouting, Bottling, Cooking Benefits
May 3: Healthy Cooking; Steaming, Broiling, Convection, Healthy Parties, On-the-Go+
May 17: Treats n Desserts with NO Sugar, Frozen Desserts, Raw Food Nibblers, Pies+
January 25: The Mental Cleanse, Beginning with the End in Mind, Weigh In
February 8: 3 Components for a Complete Workout, Permanent Weight Loss
February 22: Identifying the Fat Producers, Power to Eliminate Sugar, Flour, TFA's
Cash Payout to the Biggest Loser!
March 8: Creating a Metabolism that Works for You - Anatomy of Metabolism
March 22: Water, the Fat Wash, Fat Flushing and Healthy Cell Creation
Cash Payout to the Biggest Loser!
April 5: Proteins without Hormones and Anti-biotics, Identifying Main Stream Foods
April 19: Why Don't Diets Work? What Eating Plan Works for Me?
Cash Payout to the Biggest Loser!
May 3: The Home Cleanse, Avoiding Eating Disorders, Getting a Fresh Start
May 17: The Power of Your Mind; You Can Accomplish Anything! For Life!
Cash Payout to the Biggest Loser! Includes the $70 from Week 1!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT FOR VITALITY, HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS - CLASSES in Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy are all beginning this month!
See our class schedule (click on the tab above) and join us for the new Holistic Nutrition Level 2 Classes and a Biggest Loser contest and Weight Management Naturally Class beginning January 21!

This course focuses on achieving permanent weight loss by helping your body receive what it needs so that it can allow the body systems and organs to work and to release the stressors that create fat. Did you know that 65% of Americans are overweight (obese) and that the weight gain over the generations has come from a lack of nutrition from whole foods and lack of movement? This course focuses on the "whys", and "how" to lose weight - - and "when" is NOW! Build a NEW YOU this year! Join us in learning which movement and exercise will speed up your metabolism, how to burn your unneeded and unhealthy fat, and how to build health and vitality that you have been missing through food choices, cooking skills and much more!

Don't count on the diet aids, the high cost extreme diet plans, shots, or magic to give you the body you want! You can do it naturally and you can get control of the life you want!

Every cell in your body will be replaced within approximately one year. Choose what kinds of cells you want to live in this year! Be healthier, more fit, and younger (physically) than you are today!
Erleen Tilton, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Educator and Author, owner of Nature's Healthy Choices, will be teaching the Nutrition Level 2 class and the weight loss class.
Passport to the World of Aromatherapy and Passport to the World of Herbs certification courses are taught by Jacque Gurney, Certified Natural Health Professional, Transformational Health Coach, Professional Herbalist, Professional Aromatherapist, Owner of Millenial Wellness and Botanical Education Foundation. Our desire is to empower you with knowledge and desire to create health and happiness in your life and the lives for whom you are responsible! HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YOU!
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