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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Check out this blog! 


Check out this blog!  It is very helpful and you will want to pay attention to it!  http://standeyo.com/NEWS/11_Food_Water/110516.nat.diz-crop.impact.html  

I have spent a lot of time this past year studying, testing, and using freeze dried foods and herbs. My interest was picqued when I was studying NETTLES during the intense seasonal allergy season last year. Nettles is "stinging nettle" that you are warned about when you go out hiking for its brutal skin irritation - yet when it is harvested in its early vegetative stage, it is HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS and is an amazing plant to STOP ALLERGIC REACTIONS. However, the best Nettles products (herbs) that you can purchase are when those that are prepared FREEZE DRIED - because Nettles maintains its potency better and protects you better in freeze dried form.
When people come to visit, and I can see that they are sensitive to my husband's cat (yes, he had a miraculous change from a cat-hater to a cat-lover - quite humorous!) I pull out a bottle of Nettles and give my guests a couple capsules. It's a miracle in itself to see how quickly their sensitivity goes away - and they are amazed.

So ... I found THRIVE freeze dried foods, by a company called Shelf Reliance. In the past year I have casually sent out a few emails to a few people, telling them about how I feel about the importance of food storage, about escalating food prices, and also about freeze dried foods nutrition maintenance. By being a consultant I have earned over 40 FREE cases (6 cans per case) of free food. Now my food storage is filled with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and condiments - and I do not fear what is ahead! I CAN SHOW YOU HOW I DID IT! I am pretty busy, so if I can do it in my schedule, anyone on earth can protect their family and provide nutrition that will not be lost when it is stored. Email me at jacquegurney@gmail.com or go to my website at http://www.jacquegurney.shelfreliance.com/ .

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