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Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's been amazing to listen to people as I work with them, and to hear "the desires of their hearts".  I love people!  Human nature is to want to be out of PAIN, FEAR, STRESS, LACK OF HEALTH, FAT, UNHAPPINESS, POVERTY, LONELINESS - and OH so much more!   Escape from responsibility and opportunity to learn?  "Do I want it - or do I need it?".  How do I know what I need?

It has lead me to evaluate WHY we get into (and sometimes create) those conditions in our lives.  There are reasons that "mortality" is EDUCATION, WORK and DISCIPLINE to follow eternal principles.  When we make great efforts in these areas, the "stressors" will always reduce - IT'S MATHEMATICAL!

  Do Your Math!  Increase the following behaviors to create a better life!
1.  Get back into NATURE!  Swim, walk, play a sport outdoors, walk in grass barefoot, plant a garden - or wit under a tree and play guitar or write poetry - or take your family camping!
2.  Eat GREEN and eat COLORS!  Especially grow a garden and eat fresh produce that is organic, even if you sprout seeds indoors to add green brightly colored plants into your life!
3.  TAKE A CLASS to stimulate your mind (challenge your mind and create neuron activity).  Like stretching your muscles in movement and exercise, learning new things helps your brain to be strong and active.
4.  Take quality MINERALS!  Our bodies are made out of clay - minerals!  Minerals act as spark plugs in our body, to fire us up, add frequency (electricity/energy) and to provide skeletal strength.
5.  Get plenty of good PROTEIN - but reducing the meat proteins, and increasing all those others:  avocados, nuts, eggs, beans, lentils, grains, etc.  They provide muscle as well as break down to help create neurotransmitters for emotional wellness and hormones for emotional balance.
6.  Add ESSENTIAL OILS to your life!  Smell them or put them on your temples and the back of your neck for emotional uplift (try Geranium, Bergamot, TLC (my favorite Forevergreen blend), Rose, Orange - and the list is huge!  Take a good B-Complex vitamin to support your neurological system also! 
7.  Express GRATITUDE many times per day!  Learn gratitude for difficult conditions ..."what am I going to learn from this?"  Create Happy!  Choose happy thoughts!  Choose to see the good in people and in life!
8.  And of course, I would have to say, REDUCE SUGAR from your diet!  It's a false food!  It's a nutritional LIE!  The energy you gain is false, the nutrition you gain is ZERO, the brain/neuro disruption you create is powerful.  Reach for real food - and enjoy a real life! 

WHY DO I TEACH CLASSES?  Because I love people!  The most amazing people take classes - and my life is blessed by knowing each person that comes to learn and to benefit their own lives!  I want to express GRATITUDE for the blessing it has been to take classes over the past 25 years - and for the privilege now to share what I have learned both in the classroom and from experience.  THANK YOU Dear God, my Father in Heaven, for these many privileges and blessings!   Thank you, Jesus Christ, for creating this amazing Earth to provide for us so abundantly!  Yes ... today I am still a PLANT GEEK!  I love the chemistry of what is created for us - and I love seeing people's lives improve as they get back to the nature that was created FOR THEM!  FALL CLASS SCHEDULE COMING SOON!

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