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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Helichrysum Essential Oil - Testimonial – (August 7, 2011)

I went to go donate plasma for some extra money, but on this visit the phlebotomist that helped me was not very good. She stabbed my arm wrong, causing it to bleed out. She just wiped it up and I made it through my first draw [cycle] okay. But upon the first return cycle of my red cells, the fluid wouldn't go back in. They had all together hooked me up wrong.

On top of that, they tried to return my red cells anyway with some saline to replace the lost plasma. They abandoned me and let too much saline in. I was swollen all over, with a headache, a numb arm that hurt all over, and nausea. The puncture point continued to swell, possibly internal bleeding and severe bruising. My  mother  (JULIA - AROMATHERAPIST) applied several drops of Helichrysum around the swollen puncture site and around my arm. Within moments the healing had already begun! The pain subsided to minimal,the swelling went down, and my nausea diminished.

As I write thing, the swelling and pain continue to decrease and normalcy is in sight.

Addendum by Julia ~ later we applied a few drops of Howood (very similar to Rosewood), and Marjoram. Then a couple more drops of Helichrysm. She could feel a difference with the added oils. She was going to apply some more Marjoram and Helichrysum before bed.

Helichrysum italicum                                              COMMENTS BY JACQUE:
Great job Julia!  Helichrysum essential oil is a premium anti-inflammatory gift - and a little Helichrysum goes a long way!  It is more expensive than most essential oils - but is a staple for all serious aromatherapists!  Like Geranium, it can stop bleeding quickly as well as help wound healing.  It is a powerful anti-hematoma agent and assists vascular dilation.  Helichrysum is an excellent nervine, and can provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, neuralgia, sprains, arthritis, migraines - and is my first choice for scorpion bites (as well as spiders, bees, or other insects).  2-3 drops on the soles of each foot helps to calm restless leg syndrome. 

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