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Monday, September 21, 2015

Anti Plague Herbal Syrup
(simple tincture recipe)
 Used to prevent illness as well as to overcome flu, virus, bacteria and parasites
Dry herbs that you will need:
2 oz Comfrey leaves 

1 oz each of the following 7 herbs: 
Lobelia, Marshmallow root, Mullein leaves, Skullcap, Uva ursi, White oak bark, Wormwood 

1/2 oz Black walnut hulls 

1/2 oz Black walnut leaves 

2 1/2 quarts Apple cider vinegar 

Combine dry herbs with vinegar. Store in glass canning jars in a cupboard (dark but not refrigerated) and shake once a day for at least two weeks.  After two weeks, strain pulp out and discard it. Save liquid to add to garlic tincture below.   

In another glass jar make the following tincture: 

1.5 pounds raw garlic cloves, peeled  

1 1/2 quarts raw apple cider vinegar 

In a blender, puree garlic with vinegar to make a thick soupy mixture. Store in glass container(s) and shake once a day for two weeks. Strain pulp out and discard it.

Combine both tinctures at the end of two weeks, adding in the vegetable glycerin and raw honey.  

3 cups vegetable glycerin 

3 cups raw honey 

Pour into clean jars and refrigerate for up to two years.  Dark amber bottles are best. 

For virus, flu, pneumonia, or to avoid catching them, at first sign of illness, shake well and take:
1 Tablespoon 3-4 times a day (Adult), 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day (child).

Not recommended for use during pregnancy or for children under 1 year because of anti-parasitic herbs (Wormwood/Black Walnut and honey.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Do you need an immune boost?  Have you ever heard of the “wet sheet treatment” which has been used to save lives during pandemic outbreaks?  Well, here is a simple treatment that works on the same premise – and all you need is SOCKS!!!

The alternating of hot and cold creates a pumping mechanism that stimulates your circulation and lymphatics. The results are an active immune system and decreased congestion. Kids benefit from this hydrotherapy regimen too – as well as women with hot flashes!

Wet sock treatment instructions:
1. Just before bed, put your feet in hot water for at least 3 minutes. You can place them in the bath tub under running water. The water should be as hot as you can handle it without burning your skin.  Adding Epsom salt is great too!

2. Wet 1 pair of thin, cotton anklets in cold water. Wring out well and put on immediately after hot foot bath. The water should be as cold as you can handle it. (Remember, your feet are very warm so the cold will feel OK)

3. Put on 1 pair of heavy wool socks over the ankles and climb into bed.

4. Cover well and sleep all night with socks on.

5. By the morning, your socks should be completely dry – at which time you can remove socks.  (see more info below)

6. Stay away from dairy and sugar, take Vitamin C and drink plenty of water. Then notice how much more quickly you feel better when you use the wet sock treatment!

After putting on the socks, you'll climb into bed and drift off to sleep. While dreaming sweet dreams, your feet will be doing all the work. The vessels in your feet will constrict as your feet cool down, which sends all the good nutrients into your organs and tissues. These nutrients are needed to fight off infections and stimulate healing.  
Then your feet will start to warm up again, and your vessels will dilate to release the heat.  This is when the “junk” in your tissues is dumped into your blood stream so that your body can dispose of it.

YOU are telling your body to go on high alert and so it does!

The best time to do wet socks is:

• When you feel like you’re coming down with something

• When everyone around you is getting sick

• When your kids have earaches and fevers

• When you have hot flashes

• When you are exhausted and just need an awesome sleep

• When you know you’ve been pushing too hard and you can feel your body wearing down

• When your lungs or sinuses have been congested and you can’t seem to break it up

 Times not to do this:

• If you can’t make time for a full night’s sleep (you’ve got to give your body enough time to work on this).

• If you are taking prednisone, other steroids, or immune suppressing drugs because they will suppress your body’s response.

• If you try wet socks and wake up in the morning with the socks still wet – this means your body just isn’t generating enough heat right now to do this thing properly.  (Take Ginger, Turmeric and other warming herbs)

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