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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Essential oils are able to enter receptor sites in our bodies (inhaling into the limbic system, topica application through the skin,  or even ingested) to reduce the hyper-sensitive states that we often live in. Essential oils communicate with our cells, just like the peptides that our bodies produce for emotional wellness and hormone balance.  Drugs don’t actually have the ability to help our bodies produce the peptides of well-being, they just shut down the body’s awareness that we are depressed, angry or stressed, plus they can also create destructive side effects.  A healthy diet, rich in good amino acids and B complex vitamins is foundational to emotional wellness. 

Geranium is an“All is well” essential oil, and definitely a first choice for easing anxiety and depression.  It is balancing and uplifting, with a tonifying and energizing effect on the psyche. It calms the adrenal cortex when 3-4 drops are applied (at waistline, just above kidney area), then rub below the nose and inhale deeply.  It is excellent for balancing female complaints and has some hormone-balancing effects, helping PMS, hot flashes and infertility.  Rub 1 drop under each ankle bone am and pm (inside and outside = 4 drops total) 2 times per day. It can quickly stop bleeding from cuts and wounds, and when used in a compress can assist with bruises, broken capillaries, edema, circulation issues, cellulite and skin congestion.  Geranium heals wounds – emotionally and physically.

Bergamot  a powerful essential oil for emotional uplift – and in the essential oil world, we call it “Nature’s Prozac”.  It helps people who are stuck in grief from a terrible loss (such as losing someone we love, etc).  It is light, it is gentle, and a premium grade Bergamot is bergaptene-free to protect from sun-darkening of the skin so it can be used directly on the skin undiluted (neat).  To make a spray mister, add 10-15 drops in a 2 oz mister and fill with distilled water.  It will kill germs in the air, and will help the heart to stay open and to get beyond the grief as you breathe it in.  Apply Bergamot on the heart area neat (2-4 drops) as needed during the day or at bedtime, or several times daily.  Its color is light green when it is a pure, high-quality oil.  Bergamot works well for all emotional imbalances so make sure to smell it deeply, as it works through the amygdala gland in the brain!

Neroli essential oil is from the orange blossom, and is one of the 3-Queens of essential oils!   Neroli is a tonic for the nervous system, and is good for very deep emotional pain, working like Rose essential oil (which is very costly).  It is also a very spiritual oil that helps people who have lost joy, to get out of hopeless places, into hope again.  It is desirable as a beautiful skin oil that stimulates new cell growth, while regenerating aging skin.  It can be added to olive, jojoba or grapeseed oil to make the skin youthful and healthy!  Neroli is wonderful to add to a cup of Dead Sea Salts or Epsom (magnesium) salt in the bathtub and to have an emotionally-uplifting bath with its anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects.  For PMS use 7 drops Neroli in 3 T. honey seven days prior to onset of menstruation.  It is helpful for people who have become thin-skinned, helps to strengthens the inner-will, and helps with test-anxiety (2 drops essential oil in ½ t. honey 3 x daily).  The same dosage helps control chronic diarrhea.

 Orange essential oil helps bring out the positive inner child in each of us - when we just feel like we are not having any fun in life.  Orange is helpful to bring optimism.  It is beautiful in the diffuser to uplift the emotions in the air as it is breathed in, and it blends well with Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, and even Cinnamon and Clove for the Holiday blues.  It has a cleansing effect on the body tissues and can be put into water as a drink to both uplift the spirits and to reduce dehydration.  It is also wonderful with Neroli added to it – 3 drops each with some honey, to reduce obesity and water retention.  Orange can be skin darkening when the skin is exposed to the sun, so it is best applied to areas of the body that are covered.

Frankincense essential oil has a powerful positive effect on the nervous system, as well as is anti-carcinogenic and wound-healing.  It heals wounds emotionally and physically.  It is very conducive to prayer and meditation, as it has the ability to slow down the mortal brain, open the spiritual brain, and deepen the breath.  It is anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, reduces nervous tension and reduces stress response.  Many people use 2-3 drops under their tongue to help them replace depression medications (use only premium, therapeutic grade).  It encourages tranquility, insight, and helps us to find our spiritual self.  Apply on the crown of the head, on the big toes, on the heart area, and on the back of the neck.  Tastes bitter, due to the tannins, but some people crave it.

Make your own TLC blend by combining equal drops of essential oils of Tangerine, Orange, Grapefruit pink, Ylang Ylang, Rose, and Rosewood.  This blend helps with nurturing - -  feeling the safety and love of a mother, as well as helping us to be able to nurture others.  It helps overcome grief, loss, depression, anxiousness, self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and helps us to feel peace.  Apply liberally at bedtime, but during the daytime use, make sure to use it in areas of the body that are not exposed to the sun, as the citrus oils in the blend can be skin-darkening when the skin is in the sun.  Wonderfully cleansing (both the air and the emotions) when adding 9 drops in a diffuser and diffused into a room.  Helpful when applied to the bottoms of the feet, especially the big toes, then hold fingers under nose and inhale deeply.
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