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Saturday, October 22, 2011

SELF DIAGNOSIS CLASS Validated by DR. OZ SHOW 10-20-2011

Self Diagnosis, Your Body is Speaking, Are You Listening?  Students this week were taught, using a 40 page manual and powerpoint with pictures,methods anyone can use to READ THE BODY, and learn what it is trying to tell you that it needs.

We covered EYES, such as disappearing eyebrows, an indicator of low thyroid, liver imbalances, etc, and IRIDOLOGY where you can see tissue weaknesses, conditions of cholesterol, weak circulation to the brain, parasites, unmanaged stress, and so much more.

We also studied the TONGUE, how it tells us of digestive disorders, allergic reactions to food, Candida, B12 deficiency and so much more.

Also NAILS, which show us zinc deficiency, stress, iron deficiency, risks of arthritis, fungal conditions, protein deficiency and more.  And did you know your EARS can tell you of heart disease, your feet can tell you of Diabetes2, mineral deficiencies, etc.

Students emailed and called later that night when DR. OZ had a guest doctor from Europe on his show, who accurately diagnosed several studio guests who had previously been diagnosed from allopathic medicine (Western Medicine), and the guest "HOLISTIC" doctor used TONGUE, IRIDOLOGY and EAR diagnosis to tell Dr. Oz his diagnosis within one minute!  Dr. Oz was astounded, yet still apprehensive, because it was so foreign to his training.      Thank you, Dr. OZ, for helping America to see that our bodies can help us diagnose 90% of all our imbalances and ailments!  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and I love how education empowers us! 

Join us in the upcoming classes on HOLISTIC PATHOLOGY - which give holistic approaches to illnesses, diseases, and syndromes of the body systems.  HOLISTIC means a WHOLE approach, "choosing the best that is available, whether a home remedy, nutrition correction, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, or pharmaceuticals".

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