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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Millenial Wellness Education Center Opening August 3rd!

I'm so excited that all the months of hard physical work are paying off, and the little 60-year old home is almost totally remodeled and ready for me to hold classes, work with clients, and grow gardens to help students have hands-on experience with growing herbs, making herbal medicines, and distilling essential oils!

It has been a dream of mine for so long, and now I can share it with others! Thanks to my amazing husband, Rick, to our children and many others who have labored tirelessly to convert a home that was built before the Town of Gilbert built a road system. This little house has such a great spirit! It also doesn't have a disposal, so it produces compost.

We will built a chicken coop, because at this date, the Little Red Hen is at my home, tilling my gardens, fertilizing them, and eating my bugs. She LOVED the wheat that I had thrown into the garden, which grew and ripened into beautiful wheat stalks! She is a true blessing - even though she likes to fly over the garden fence and deposit her 20 daily poops onto the back porch. There is a reason for chicken coops!

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