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Saturday, August 7, 2010

We Are Open! $18 Massages Celebrating our New Wellness Center!

Our new Wellness Center opened with a celebration night and a class on Intro to Herbs - Using Kitchen Spices, Weeds and Miraculous Healers! It was a packed house and we surely did appreciate seeing so many friends that came. To celebrate our opening, we are offering 30-Minute Massages for $18 (the best deal around)! Call 480-296-4699 to schedule your massage today.
We have a great space for classes, and a kitchen for blending essential oils or for making herbal medicine. The yard has space to create gardens, where we will grow, harvest, distill essential oils and harvest for herbals extracts and other projects. We will offer 1-hour classes on special interest topics beginning in the weeks ahead, which will include First Aid Naturally, Babies and Children, Women's Concerns Naturally, Using Clay for Healing, and much more.
Our team is here to serve you MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY from 9am-5pm. We want to provide a place of peace where you can come, even if it's just to be among people who will care, and even if you just want to sit on the patios or in the gardens (once they are growing). Jonique, Brenda and Jacque will answer your calls and questions, and will schedule you for therapies. Other therapists (providing Cranial Sacral, Emotional Balancing, Nutritional Bio Scans, Foot Detox, and more) bring their special gifts and sincere concern for your well-being and happiness!
We carry an assortment of premium health products that we have seen to bring health both physically and emotionally. We try to find the best products for the best prices, and we highly encourage you to learn about Healing Clay - which is only $6.50 per jar - and it helps with digestion imbalances, lack of minerals, bowel conditions, skin conditions, bites, and much more. Also we highly recommend Dead Sea Salts for health, and we sell it by the pound.

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