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Thursday, October 14, 2010


LEVEL ONE - INTRODUCTION TO HOLISTIC NUTRITION classes begin Wednesday, October 20 from 7-9 pm with an amazing instructor, TIFFANY HIGGINS! Call and register today! 480-331-9355 or 480-296-4699. Each class is $25 and includes the class manual, power point instruction, and any samples. This is the first of 4 series towards a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition. Whether you want to teach, work professionally, create your own business or use this knowledge to bless your family, your life will be enhanced as you learn the best research on nutrition, cooking, and holistic health!

Tiffany is a Holistic Nutrition Educator and practitioner, an Advanced Aromatherapist and an advocate for Health Freedom. She knows that there is great healing power in good foods prepared by loving hands, and also that nourishing food grows strong bodies and souls - while preventing and also healing disease.

Tiffany has a bachelor’s degree from ASU in Organizational studies, where she structured a degree that allowed her to encompass her love for health and nutrition with running a business. Her project was conducting research on healing cancer naturally during which she completed an internship with Jacque Gurney of Botanical Education. Tiffany has been teaching nutrition classes for for two years after sharing her love of holistic nutrition (feeding both the body and the soul)for the past 15 years.


10-20-10 From SAD to GLAD – Changing the Standard American Diet into a Health Plan for Success
10-27-10 Digestion, Just Pipes and Tubes, or How do I get it to Work?
11-3-10 America’s Sugar Fix, its Impact, Great Options, and Labels
11-10-10 Dirt to Digestion, Minerals, Vitamins and More
11-17-10 The Skinny on Fats, Saturated or Un, Omegas and Cholesterol
12-1-10 Protein, More than Meats the Eye – Complete of Incomplete?
12-8-10 Grains, from Gluten to Glycemic, and Fabulous Fiber
12-15-10 Fruits and Vegetables, Natures Farmacy, Raw vs Cooked
1-5-10 Children, they are what YOU Eat, Fertility to Toddlers
1-12-10 Metabolic Syndrome, What your Diet Really Costs You!

Prepay for the course and save $25 (one free class)

Level 2 Holistic Nutrition will begin February 8, 2011 and is taught by Shari Lyon, Wellness Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Master in Science in Holistic Nutrition. Her classes will be held from 11 am to 1 pm, will include lunch that correlates to the topic, and will also include the class manual. Classes will include Produce Dominated Eating, Blood Type and Metabolic Typing Principles of Nutrition, Raw and Living Food Eating, Cancer Prevention Through Diet, Spectrum Eating for the Brain, ADHD, Autism, Prevention and Treatment of Candida and Allergies through Diet Choices, Vegan Cooking, Diabetic and Cardiovascular Eating, Healthy Desserts and more!

Level 3 in the Holistic Nutrition Program is Body Systems, with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Those who have taken this series for Aromatherapy or Herbal Studies will already have it completed.

Level 4 - The Final Level will be taught by a nurse, nutritionist, and holistic healer, covering Consulting Principles, Breaking Food Addictions, Symbiotic Human and Plant Chemistry, Health Maintenance in Disaster Conditions, Herbs and Nutrition, Enzymatic Therapy, Pathology Protection through Nutrition, and much more!

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