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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION began in my heart 25 years ago - when Americans thought that plant medicine was snake medicine. It has been a marvelous change through those years to watch people change - and to watch them begin to look for more natural options than the "miracles" of Western Medicine. It has been a great privilege to both learn and to teach of our symbiotic relationship with the Earth that was created by a loving Father in Heaven, and to benefit from all that she has to offer us through her soils, minerals, plants, water, oxygen and exposure to sunlight.

For nearly a century we thought that we could eat and drink anything that we wanted - living on "Fast Foods" and "Processed" foods - and then we could go to the doctor and he would "fix" us. We also exposed ourselves to every kind of modern chemical compound that we could find - thinking that our skin would protect us from every exposure. We also removed ourselves from nature - became more Privileged and less active - away from the sun, the soil and the plants - until we have become one of the sickest nations on earth. We have created syndroms and diseases that never existed before - all in the name of ease, privilege and comfort.

BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION came to fruition as I have taught classes, attended many classes, worked with clients in my business MILLENIAL WELLNESS (see http://www.millenialwellness.com/ ), and as I've watched a movement called "New Age" that brought with it many untruths and a removal of God and His laws - while it was also bringing many truths from other ancient cultures with thousands of years of historical use and success. Many people today jump onto "bandwagons" and get excited just because things are presented as "new" or as "ancient teachings" without truly asking "what is truth?". I never attended a class without praying before, during and after - to know through personal revelation (which we all can receive) to know if the particular information was "truth" or, even if it was for me to share. I invite all to do likewise - with anything that I say or teach.

BOTANICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a place for seekers of truth, seekers of health, seekers desiring to help others, and a seeker of Teachers who want to use their knowledge in helping to strengthen and uplift others by bringing classes that contain truth. BEF will hold all teachers and classes to the highest standards and will provide Certification programs that are of the highest standards.

Come and join me in education, efforts and choices that will help to prepare people to be strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Join me in education, efforts and choices that will help the people from the greatest nation on earth to be leaders for good in the world, and to be great in every way! Jacque Gurney, CNHP, HHP, THC, AAP

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