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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harvesting Creosote and Calendula for Salve - Millenial Salve (lasts forever!)

It was so fun to go to the desert with my mom and sister, and to share my love of plants with them!  I love being connected to people, plants, the earth, my Father in Heaven, the sun, the air, the animals - and was happy that my mom saw beauty in this dead Cholla (Jumping cactus).  Afterwards I harvested Creosote (chaparral) to make a Desert Healing Salve that I call "Millenial Salve" because it will last forever and does miracles for healing skin!  I am preparing to begin teaching classes again - and have missed it so much!

  I learned from the first Native American herbal guide that I went into the desert with that the natives always ask the plant if it is OK to harvest "her" and they thank her for the gift of healing that she will give.  I look for plants that are healthy, that have a high frequency when I am near them, and choose plants that have their medicinal constituents high in them (prime for medicine).  Creosote (Chaparral) should be a rich green color, but due to the drought from rain there were many plants too dry for medicine.  You can see the resin on the leaves if they are strong, and I like to pick them prior to flowers and the puff balls that come after the flowers because the energy is high in the leaves at that time.  I only harvest the tender ends - which saves me time from picking out the wood when I get home.

I also harvested a bag of flowering Creosote to make a FLOWER ESSENCE because flowers HELP HEAL personality issues and feelings - like Bach flower remedies.  The Creosote flower essences support us in "releasing what is unexpressed - which is usually at the root of self-imposed separation from others.  It is also used for resolving the feeling that something is missing in life - helping to emerge from a dark state into a bright and energetic one".
At home I picked calendula from my plants and began heating the plants to make a Desert Healing Salve.  This salve will last forever due to the powerful Creosote plant - the oldest carbon dated plant on earth!  It combines well with Calendula because they are both skin healers.  I am grateful for the bounties of this amazing earth! 
By adding Calendula flowers to this salve I am adding flowers with energetic properties of "helping one to feel safe, and helping stabilize chakra energy fields".  So - - plants are more than chemical constituents, more than carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, more than something pretty to look at - - they have spirits and intelligence.  When we make medicine with plants and their flowers there is healing that can be more than just "skin deep".

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